so you can request your birth certificate online

There are many official procedures and documents that we can request comfortably from home at the moment and just by having a Internet connection. This is the case of our birth certificate, something that can be asked of us throughout our lives for a multitude of situations.

This is an official documentation that we should have saved for some important situations that we are going to experience. For example, in the event that we are going to get married or separate, since on many occasions they will ask us for our birth certificate. That is why the most advisable thing in these cases is to always have this document at hand when asked.

The first thing we should know is that it is a official document with which the date and place of our birth is accredited. Hence precisely its importance, which also includes other personal data. This certificate also reflects the sex of the interested party and the data of their parents. To say that until just a few years ago we had to request it physically, but now things are much simpler and more comfortable. As with many other official documents, this is a certificate that today we can request online.

Initially, all we need to do is have a good internet connection and use our favorite web browser. This will allow us to obtain this birth certificate from home and practically immediately, not like before. It is for all this that if you need it, then we will talk about how to get it from your home PC.

Order your birth certificate from home and online

Well, if necessary, to request this official document that we are telling you about, the first thing we do is open our favorite internet browser. Next, we will have to access the website of the Ministry of Justice. On the left side of this page we will find a series of procedures that we can carry out through the internet. Obviously the one that interests us in this case is the one that reads precisely Birth certificate.

So we only have to click on it to start the process as such. As you can already imagine here we are going to need a digital authentication system that verifies our real identity. For example, we can use the Cl@ve method for so identify us and obtain the aforementioned birth certificate that we are looking for here.

Once we have identified ourselves through the method that we have mentioned now, we will be able to obtain the online birth certificate and dispose of it immediately. Before we will have to specify if this certificate is for ourselves or for a third person. In turn, we can establish a language in which we wish to receive and download this official document.

From there, we only have to fill in a series of contact information in order to receive the birth certificate electronically and safely.

birth request

In this way, and as we have been able to see, in a few minutes we will be able to have this important document, either to use at that moment or to save it in the event that we need it in the future.

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