We Have Computers Thanks To The Roswell UFO And Other Crazy Conspiracy Theories

The phenomenon of conspiracy theories unites different elements. First of all, we must have a relatively plausible story that, despite being fantastic, sounds quite credible. In addition, it must contain elements of political or similar conspiracies, and aliens. We are going to review some of the craziest and funniest.

We have computers thanks to the Roswell UFO

Perhaps the case of the most famous UFO phenomenon in history and about which little is known. There are hundreds of documentaries and reconstructions of what happened. Theoretically, the July 2, 1947 there is an accident UFO In the town of roswell, New Mexico, United States. A quiet town that overnight (pun intended) became famous.

Supposedly, an alien ship crashed there and was hidden by the government US. Everything was picked up by the US military and taken to Area 51, a “secret” facility that is located near the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. There the ship was analyzed, reverse engineered and from there I know They developed the first computers.

Of course, this is a theory based on an alleged accident of an alien spacecraft. The Roswell case is famous for how the subject has been treated and some doubts that it has aroused.

Intel integrates a spy chip in its processors

This is another of the crazy stories that “experts” in mysteries and conspiracies spread on YouTube. There is no proof of this, but they assure that its Intel processors hide a spy chip. Something that is always disassembled with the lithographic analysis of the processors, where we know what each of the parts does.

Supposedly, this chip is imposed by from the CIA for the monitoring of all the teams in the world. A mammoth task that would require an unimaginable amount of personnel and computing power. Or, there should be very specific algorithms that search for specific elements, separating the wheat from the chaff.

At least, a mental straw of some who look for conspiracies under the stones.

intel core processor

Bitcoin Created by the CIA or Aliens

The first decentralized cryptocurrency created is the source of many conspiracy theories. He Bitcoin creator is Satoshi Nakamotowhich is a pseudonym of a person or group of people. No one knows his true identity o well, it has not been confirmed so far.

Several YouTube channels have used this factor to create their own theories. Two theories are given in this case. First of Bitcoin is a creation of the CIA American as some kind of economic experiment or something. It is also speculated that the Bitcoin code is of extraterrestrial origin and it was sent through a message, come on, that someone in the United States received an email with the message “We have created Bitcoin for you” or something like that.

bitcoin cia aliens

5G and COVID vaccines

One of the craziest theories of recent years has to do with the 5G and COVID. Conspiracy fans have added 2+2 and have said that it equals 33, without more. They have united that the deployment of the 5G network is not a coincidence with the appearance of COVID-19, but that they have a clear relationship.

It emphasizes that the COVID-19 it’s a laboratory virus and the vaccines created are designed to manipulate us. they say you are Vaccines carry microscopic robots and traces of graphene that serve to mutate us and they can manipulate. They indicate that those who get vaccinated, through 5G, are manipulated by influential sociopolitical elites.

Of course, as if something more than a smartphone and social networks were needed.

5g network

Death of John McAfee

Another of the events that has given rise to quite surreal theories is the death of the creator of one of the main antiviruses. McAfee dies in Barcelona, ​​in prisonwaiting for be extradited To united states. There he had to face several trials where he was asked for between 30 years and life imprisonment, something that would have led him to take his own life.

His last years are not, at all, exempt from quite serious events. Apparently, I fled Belizewhere he was accused of paying police officers to protect him and for apparently having murdered a neighbor. He was arrested in United States for driving drunk and drugged. I try to run for president of the United States with no success. Also, I assure you that I would cut off his penis and eat it if Bitcoin by the end of 2021 was not worth 1 million dollars for every 1 BTC.

Of course, his life gives rise to many documentaries, beyond the one on Netflix where they detail what happened in Belize.

John McAfee

Facebook, the modern MK Ultra

We also have a special portion of conspiracy with the social network Facebook, officially created by the CIA, apparently. Supposedly, it is a platform created to psychologically influence people. This is based on the venture fund In-Q-Tel, which would have been created in 1999 by the CIA.

The truth is that In-Q-Tel collaborates with more than 100 different companies, including Google. They invested at the time in Keyhole, the company that designed Google Earth. It is speculated that this investment fund was the economic driver of Facebook, but there is no evidence. The investment fund does not mention anywhere that it has invested in this social network.

This theory sounds a lot like the MK Ultra program in the United States where, between the 50s and the 70s, they manipulated people without consent.

Facebook cia conspiracy

And you, do you know other surreal conspiracy theories about computers and new technologies?

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