So you can take advantage of natural light and save on the bill each month

How to take advantage of sunlight and save on the bill

Any small detail can save a few euros on the bill in the long run. Although you may think that a light bulb uses little, if you think about the amount of lights that you use for a whole month, as well as the consumption of other devices in your day to day, you will be able to see that you have room to save.

look for the light

Something basic that you can do is look for the light. What do we mean by this? If, for example, you are going to be reading or working on the computer, you can sit closer to the window and make better use of light and avoid having to turn on light bulbs. Especially on sunny days, it’s something you can keep in mind.

But we also mean looking for light in another room. Perhaps in your house you have a room where the sun shines in the morning, while in the afternoon it directly enters another one that is oriented more to the west. You can take advantage of that to be in one or the other depending on the time of day.

Ventilate the house when there is more sunlight

When it comes to ventilating the house, the house will inevitably lose temperature. In the winter months this can mean energy consumption by having to turn on the heating to recover the previous temperature. But of course, it is necessary to ventilate the house and it should be done in the best possible way.

You can do it by taking advantage of the hours when there is more sunlight and walks right in through the window. This way you will avoid such a sudden temperature change. This will help you save energy and you will not have to turn on the heating later to recover the temperature or, at least, not for so long.

Avoid accidents thanks to home automation

Use curtains that let light in

The curtains that you use in your windows are going to be key so that more or less light enters. If you use very opaque, dark fabrics that do not allow any sunlight to enter, that will force you to turn on the lights as long as you want to keep them closed. They may be a good idea for sleeping, but not during the day.

Our advice is that you use light curtains that allow partial sunlight to enter. That will help you save on the bill, since you can spend more hours without having to turn on light bulbs.

avoid obstacles

In this case we refer especially to the distribution of a room where there are windows. Avoid putting furniture that can hide the entry of sunlight towards a table where you are going to read or work, for example. Little ones distribution changes They can be very useful to spend less light.

You can also choose the opposite, to put certain objects that improve the clarity of a room. For example, you can put mirrors strategically located so that they reflect the sun’s rays well and improve light.

In short, as you can see, you can take advantage of sunlight, natural light, to save on your electricity bill each month. The objective is to reduce the hours in which we have to turn on the bulbs and also be able to take advantage of the high temperatures in the central hours of a sunny day.

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