Sony, on trial for a possible PlayStation 5 problem

As device complexity increases, The risk that a design flaw could have repercussions also grows exponentially. very directly in its operation. We are reasonably accustomed to knowing about flaws in the design of all kinds of products, from smartphones to cars, and the legal processes that can be opened if the companies responsible for them are not capable of giving a quick and effective response to them.

As we can read in Hothardware, it seems that this It is the case that Sony will face in the United States as a result of a hypothetical failure in the PlayStation 5. Specifically, the Japanese multinational is facing a collective lawsuit, so we will have to wait until we verify the number of affected users who decide to join it, although as we can read in some forums, there is already evidence of this problem, for which we can expect to be quite a few participants.

The demand as it is formulated, yes, it is not too precise, as it points to a problem that may have multiple reasons for being, and that in each case of the dice may be due to a different one, perhaps some attributable to Sony and others not. And it is that what is denounced is that, sometimes, the console turns off by surprise, thus causing the loss of the progress that the player has made since the last moment or save point of the game interrupted by the off.

According to the claim, the problem occurs with greater intensity when users play games designed specifically for PlayStation 5, which would have forced them, always according to demand, to resort to versions of the games for PlayStation 4 in order to avoid the problem. Something that, if so, would mean a significant decrease in the gaming experience with the, until now, the latest generation of Japanese technology.

Sony, on trial for a PlayStation 5 problem

The main (although justifiable) problem with demand is that does not indicate any possible cause, that is, what is the design flaw that causes the unexpected shutdown of the console. This is what is stated in it:

«A common and significant problem among PlayStation users is that the PS5 freezes or shuts down while they are playing video games. According to the information and belief, the defect of the console is most prominent, but not limited to, when the users play the games of the new generation of PS5. This aspect of the defect is crucial, as playing PS5 games is the main purpose for which consumers buy the PS5.«.

However, despite the fact that the lawsuit does not explain the reason for this problem, yes it states that Sony is aware of it as a result of warranty claims and user complaints on the web, for which he accuses the technology company of having hidden it, something that, if proven, would leave the company in a more complicated situation. The difficult thing, of course, is that both points can be proven, so it will be very interesting to follow the evolution of this trial.

A) Yes, seen from the outside, the demand does not seem too strong, but it would not be the first time that we see how an action of this type feeds on content once it is underway to the point of completely reversing initial expectations. Is it true that Sony knows of a PlayStation 5 design problem and hides it or, on the contrary, are we facing isolated incidents due to various causes?

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