Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic, the series will not be made

Last summer we had already reported our suspicions on the actual state of the series in question and, now, exactly one year after the announcement of Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic, it really seems that the live action series will not be done anymore.

Say goodbye to Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic

The series of Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic she seemed to be ready to put Dear Dune, the character known in The Mandalorian and played by Gina Carano, at the center of a spin-off series, but the recent comments of the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, have in fact confirmed that the project has been completely dismantled and, indeed, he never left.

Not even two months after the announcement of the project, Gina Carano had been released from her contract with Lucasfilm and, subsequently, it was confirmed that the actress was no longer involved in any projects. This is due to some controversial views the actress expressed on social media (vaccines and politics were at the center of her discussions).

Speaking during an interview with Rangers of the New Republic with Empire Magazine, Kennedy stated:

“We never wrote any scripts or anything about this”

Then adding that “Some things will feature in future episodes, I’m sure, of The Mandalorian.”

It therefore seems that the chapter of this show is already to be archived, despite an official announcement of the stop to the project never arrived (and probably never will).

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