Stranger Things: our top 15 best characters from the Netflix series

The penultimate season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix is ​​over, so it’s time to take stock: who are the best characters in the series? Here is our ranking.

Stranger Things deserves all the good accolades it receives with each of its new seasons. The show imagined by the Duffer brothers for Netflix has continued to give us everything we love: captivating scenarios, well-balanced nods to the 80s, and a host of characters, each more colorful than the other. However… Not all are created equal. If some additions to the first roster quickly won the hearts of fans, it must be admitted that some other characters have gradually fallen into oblivion or lost their interest. Waiting for season 5 of Stranger Thingsexpected in 2024 while it will begin filming in 2023, let’s take stock of the good and bad students of the cast.

No. 15: Argyle

Is there really another character who can be at the bottom of this ranking? Argyle isn’t a bad bugger per se., and many of us hung around with his typical profile during adolescence. But here it is: its main function is to bring a little absurd and low-key humor to a series that didn’t really need it, as a bonus to lower the sympathy capital of a main character who was previously much more touching and interesting than it has become. The “surfer dude” isn’t too many in the cast, but never really makes an impression.

No. 14: Lucas Sinclair

From the soundtrack, Lucas Sinclair is definitely the character who drew the shortest straw. It’s a shame, because the actor representing him is capable of much more than just taking care of Coca-Cola product placement. Unfortunately, Lucas is often reduced to a comedic twist, and his character doesn’t add much to the group dynamic. If not in season 4, where he is used to create a dysfunction, at the cost of the sympathy capital that he could still recover before. That’s a shame.

#13: Mike Wheeler

Is Mike one of the main characters in Stranger Things, really, when you think about it? He is not the one with the best head, nor even the biggest heart. His greatest trait is being in love (obsessed?) with Eleven, and being relatively “normal” in the geek band that makes the show. The character with the most neutral pH does not have the ability to be the most interesting.

No. 12: Will Byers

Will Byers unfortunately suffers the repercussion of having been the character in distress of the first part, and the bad wave radar of the second. The writers have finally woken up to give him some substance on Season 4, with a major subplot regarding his sexual orientation and his connection to his closest childhood friend, but haven’t banked on it yet. . Also, we are condemned to have to wait for season 5 so that this dear Will finally stands out, rather than being the eternal best friend.

No. 11: Eleven

Eleven in 11th place, that’s it. But this ranking is not done lightly. The character of Eleven also carries the weight of being the plot’s most important vehicle, sinceit is the “whiteboard” on which the writers develop their scenario. Because of this, she finds herself following an incredibly typical pattern, without being able to really get out of the game. A childish, unsuitable mentality, which necessarily needs the other characters to evolve. So yes, his powers are very stylish. But when you think about it, don’t you remember that as the script of Stranger Things, and not the character himself? Hence his 11th place.

No. 10: Robin Buckley

Understand its place in the ranking. Yes, Robin is absolutely adorable. He’s one of many viewers’ favorite new characters for so many reasons, and they’re all totally valid. Whether it’s her very touching personal story unveiled in season 3 or her role in solving the puzzles of the latter, she has proven her worth on many occasions. But here it is: it is also a role with very few dimensions, since she is often the lunar, talkative stressed out who plays a more comedic role than anything else. We hope that the 5th season prepares heavy concerning it, since it has the capacity to soar in an instant.

No. 9: Jonathan Byers

No, we haven’t forgotten how much Jonathan was a bit dodgy in the first season of Stranger Things. Climbing a tree to take pictures of a kitty is far from being respectful or respectable. And this camera has earned its fate. That being said, his unfailing love for his family and his ability to surpass himself for others, despite all the doubts that inhabit him, made him one of the most interesting characters of the first seasons. This until he meets Argyle and becomes terribly lazy. But in his defense, the writers had not planned this fate at the base, fault of the best surprise character of their series.

#8: Erica Sinclair

Erica is a comic character, yes. But it represents the best humor to link to Stranger Things: a healthy dose of sarcasm and rebellion. This is what was missing until his appearance on the Duffer Brothers series, which was still very vanilla and plan-plan in its situations. Erica brought fire like only a confident little sister can. And in the last season, she showed that she was still someone to rely on in all circumstances.

No. 7: Joyce Byers

Who doesn’t dream of having a mother like Joyce Byers? Despite all the difficulties, despite the doubts, and faced with a public in the throes of doubt, she absolutely never gives up on the matter for her family and the people she loves. She even shows a big heart with everyone on the team, and an unstoppable fury for anyone who stands in her way. The character does not stagnate: he was perfect from the start.

No. 6: Jim Hopper

Jim Hopper has lived many lives on the show. His first trauma, his abandonment, his desire to return to a normal life, his new role as father, his romance, his sacrifice, his imprisonment, his courage… 4 seasons which allowed us to discover almost all aspects of the man, in a remarkable psychic and physical transformation.

#5: Nancy Wheeler

Who would have bet for a single second on the fact that Nancy Wheeler would be one of the most badass characters on the show after Season 1 of Stranger Things? And yet! The almost virginal and bon-chic-bon-genre icon has gradually become a leader within the teenage group. And this by using his brain as well as a big gun. The shotgun shots of season 4 still resonate in our minds: we can’t wait to find out what she’s preparing for season 5.

#4: Dustin Henderson

Dustin has many roles within Stranger Things. Adorable face from the first season, he became the biggest mastermind on hand to clearly convey to viewers the paranormal vagaries preying on Hawkins. But he also grew in confidence and humor, making him the safest guy for both viewer and character.

#3: Eddie Munson

Immediately declaring Eddie the best character in Stranger Things is a mistake we would all be tempted to make following the events of season 4. And if he’s not the best character, we have to admit that he is one of the best written introduced in the universe of the series. If we were able to love him with all our hearts so quickly, it’s because all the elements are there for that. We see him laughing, sharing, clever, close to children, yes. But we also discover his sensitivity and his compassion in contact with Chrissy. And of course… The role he plays at the end of the season gives him a well-deserved sympathy capital.

No. 2: Max Mayfield

Max didn’t wait for season 4 to be one of the best characters on the show. Her arrival in the Hawkins team was first made on the fact that she was the best at video games around, but she quickly proved her intellect by instinctively understanding that something was going on around Will. His difficult family history made him particularly down-to-earth, an important trait for the group of children, but she also shines in the joyful moments she shares with Lucas and Eleven. Season 4 is just one more proof of the depth of the character, and we hope to see her again properly in season 5.

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Best Stranger Things character: Steve Harrington

It is almost impossible not to give the palm of the best character to Steve Harrington. Did you know he was supposed to die, but his actor’s performance caused the original creators to change their plans? I have to say that Steve has the most touching arc of the entire series. The badass with a big heart from season 1 (because yes, his friends are bullies, but not him) gradually becomes the loser we all know, but who is constantly at heart to protect children even if it means sacrificing himself. . And it’s been 4 seasons now that we fear for him, that we imagine him dying at the end of each episode, but he persists again and again with his charming smile and his valves delivered in a flash.

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