Game of the Year 2021, here are the finalist games

During the Play: Modena Game Festival, the names of the board games that were finalists for the award were disseminated Game of the Year 2021, an honor that goes to the best title published in the last year with an Italian edition.

Here are the 5 games that have arrived at this last step.

Game of the Year 2021, here are the finalists

Who will reap the scepter of Kill the Unicorns, the title named Game of the Year a year ago? The name of the board game is among them:

  • Calico from Kevin Russ, Little Rocket Games – A tile placement and set collection game, which underneath the tender image of a big cat hides solid mechanics and even some healthy and bad indirect interaction.
  • Nova Luna from Uwe Rosenberg And CornĂ© van Moorsel, Djama Games – The Agricola designer has collaborated with his Dutch colleague to create a title that is easier to access than those we are used to, but no less intriguing.
  • My City from Reiner Knizia, Giochi Uniti – Another very well-known and prolific author, this time dealing with a legacy-type game. This is the third title based on the placement among the finalists, in a mechanic that although not new does not stop being extremely fun!
  • Paleo from Peter Rustemeyer, Giochi Uniti – Cooperative board game with a prehistoric setting, already winner of the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021 award. Will Paleo be able to repeat the award obtained in Germany?
  • The Crew from Thomas Sing, United Games – Another cooperative, another Kennerspiel des Jahres (2020); The Crew is a trick based card game where you can’t talk, and guessing the intentions of others is key to winning!

The ten members of the jury will still have just over 6 weeks to decide: the winner of the Game of the Year 2021 award will be announced during the next Lucca Comics and Games, at the end of October.

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