What Does It Mean When a Casino Has Loose Slots?

If you’re new to playing slot machines, it can feel like a lot to take in. Aside from all the different types of slot machines, designs, and combinations you can get to win, tons of terms may seem confusing for first-timers.

And one of these terms is a “loose” slot machine.

The more you go to casinos, the more you’ll hear people talking about loose and tight slot machines. And if you’ve never heard these terms before, they may sound pretty silly, but they are important to understand if you want to have more fun and increase your chances of winning the slots.

So, what is a loose slot machine?

We’ll be explaining this and more in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Loose Slot Machine?

When you’re playing slots, you might want to keep your eyes out for “loose” machines. Simply put, loose machines are ones that are more generous to players. This means that a loose machine gives you a higher chance of winning and usually gives out a higher payback percentage than average machines.

This is the exact opposite of a tight slot machine. If you hear someone call a slot machine tight, it means that it gives a lower payback than average.

With that in mind, playing on a loose machine may increase your chances of winning. Many casinos have loose and tight machines scattered throughout the premises, and many players strive to find loose machines and play on them.

Should I Play on a Loose Slot?

Logically, you would want to play on a loose slot machine. However, keep in mind that there are no distinct measurements that you can use to gauge slot machines. So, there are some casinos that may claim certain slots are loose because they give out higher payouts compared to their other machines, but not compared to other casinos.

So, what one casino may define as loose may be tight by another casino’s standards. And while you might be able to trust other players’ calling machines loose or tight, understand that they are calling them loose or tight based on their perception and experience.

There are definitely some machines in certain casinos that are looser than others. However, finding them may not be as simple as you think. So, let’s take a look at how you can find a loose slot the next time you’re at the casino.

Finding the Loosest Slots at the Casino

If you aren’t keen on going to the casino, you can play online slots here online. But for many of us, playing slots at the casino is a completely different experience. But if you want to increase your chances at a physical casino, you need to find the loosest slots.

If you can find a loose slot at the casino, you can greatly increase your payouts. However, before putting all your eggs in one basket, understand that “loose” is a pretty inaccurate term as it can be very hard to measure the payout of a slot and to find reliable information on which slots are loose or tight.

However, there are a couple of ways you can spot the looser slots at the casino, which can make for a much better casino experience. So, here are some methods for spotting the loosest casino slots.


The first way you can get a grasp of the different slots at the casino that are loose is by asking. Remember, a lot of the casino staff are trained to be nice and accommodating, and a lot of them even enjoy engaging with guests. So, if you’re trying to find the loosest slots at the casino, try talking to one of the staff.

Now, this doesn’t give you a sure path to finding the loosest slots. However, the staff is the ones that spend the most time at the casino. So, they might be able to observe which slots tend to have higher payouts than others.

With that said, this doesn’t mean just going up to the staff and asking. You may want to consider tipping them generously and smooth-talking them to get them to give the best advice on which slots to play.

Go For the Simpler Machines

Another indicator of a looser slot is a simple design.

Most of the time, the most eye-catching slots are the tightest ones. Since people are more likely to play bright-colored and vibrant slots, this should come as no surprise.

This is why the looser machines tend to be the ones without intricate and loud designs.

Try Slot Machines That Aren’t at the Casino

While most people play the slots at the casino, you might want to try the machines that aren’t at the casino as they tend to be looser. This includes airport, gas station, and convenience store slots.

You may also opt to play online slots, which offer a lot more convenience.


One of the secrets to winning at the slots is by finding looser machines, which tend to give higher payouts compared to average rates. It can be hard to find these machines, but there are multiple approaches to it, and while it’s hard, it will definitely get easier the more you do it.

So, the next time you hit the casino, make sure to keep an eye out for looser machines!

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