‘Super Mario Bros: The Movie’, ready to break records as an animated film and adaptation of a video game

With an international release date originally announced for March 31, Super Mario Bros: The Movie It was finally released almost a week later, on Wednesday, April 5, a success to make money at the box office that is already paying off, positioning the Nintendo, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures film as one of the hits of the year. and who knows what else, because the projections point to the top.

Thus, the already optimistic initial forecasts are being far exceeded and, in the absence of Sunday passing and this five day release window, the new animated adaptation of the video game classic is a success wherever it has been released. To highlight, of course, the US market, where if the expected is fulfilled Super Mario Bros: The Movie it will become the second best opening of an animated film.

According to projections, Super Mario Bros: The Movie would have already surpassed Finding Dory and in the absence of adjusting the difference for inflation, it would be only a couple of million from the collection of the incredibles 2 as the best opening of an animated film in the United States. These estimates translate into a box office of $195 million in the United States alone, counting from Wednesday to Sunday.

Regarding the international market, Super Mario Bros: The Movie is also highlighting and in this case the opponent to beat is Frozen 2, to which it would have already improved at its premiere, but not in the total collection. Projections beyond the United States and Canada point to 173 million dollars in the five-day opening window, although it is not ruled out that it may even exceed them.

In Spainwhere since last Thursday we are celebrating the Easter holidays and half the country is celebrating, including the school year, Super Mario Bros: The Movie has stormed more than a thousand theaters throughout the country, surpassing premieres -in its current window of three days- such as the incredibles 2, Minions: The Origin of Gru, toy story 4 either Finding Dory. On Thursday alone, it grossed $1.8 million in the 1,000 theaters in which the film was shown across the country, taking over 60% of all viewings. And it already has more than 4 million in total.

But Super Mario Bros: The Movie It doesn’t just stand out as an animated film. Also is sweeping as video game adaptation and although in this category the measuring stick is more complicated, it will almost certainly be at the top. If not on the same cusp, sharing heights: their rivals to beat are in this case warcraft: the origin, which in general played at the box office, but specifically, that is, in China, gave the bell; and Pokémon: Detective Pikachuthe current number one with more than 368 million global collection.

It is worth mentioning that although the box office is doing great for Super Mario Bros: The Movie, criticism is another song and the specialized one in particular has not been positive at all, with criticisms around the plot -or the lack of it- as the main reason for complaint. On the other hand, the positive scores of users number in the thousands: on Rotten Tomatoes they are 96%, on IMDB they are 7.4/10… The bank wins.

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