Support for answering calls from Chromebook is on the way

In a way you can manage calls from Chromebook, and by calls we mean phone calls, obviously; But an upcoming update to Chrome OS, Google’s Chroem browser-based operating system and Linux kernel for these laptops could complete the function so you don’t even have to touch your phone when you’re in front of your computer.

It may seem like a trifle, because it is a function that has long been available on systems such as Mac or Windows, but it is undoubtedly an advance for those who have a Chromebook as their main work and communication tool. So things, answer calls from Chromebook it could become a reality with the next update of the operating system, according to the information obtained by Chrome Unboxed.

The function would arrive via Phone Hub, the application in charge of facilitating the integration with the telephone. Phone Hub already allows you to carry out actions such as sending and receiving text messages, seeing notifications from your Android device or accessing the open tabs on other devices with the Chrome browser, so making it easier to answer calls from Chromebook would also be the finishing touch. missing from the platform.

This is the current support of Phone Hub

The novelty has been found as usual in the Chrome OS source code, which usually means that it is under development and that Google’s intention to extend the functionality of calls from Chromebook is a fact that, yes, it will come when it arrives. There is no mention of that because its general implementation may depend on many factors.

However, it is expected that Google can give more details about this change, if not at the event that will be held on October 19 and in which the presentation of the new Pixel 6 will be the leitmotiv, in someone else later. More will be known next week, in just a couple of days.

The relationship between the new Google smartphone and this function is the one that has been common in the ecosystem led by those of MounTain View: that the support of calls from Chromebook train first for the new Pixel 6 and later it will be extended to other terminals, since the requirements of Phone Hub are, for now, Androd 5.1 or higher.

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