SupRemo launches new versions with performance improvements and mobile sharing

What is SupRemo and what is it for?

Supreme is a program for remote control of computers without the need to open ports, that is, it makes use of reverse connections to control the different computers, we only need to know the ID and access password to start controlling the computer. Thanks to this program, we will not have to perform any type of advanced configuration, neither on the computer nor on our router, in addition, if you are one of those who have CG-NAT at home, you should know that this program will also work without problems for you. control your home computers from outside of it.

Some of the main characteristics of this software are that it allows us to manage multiple screens on the same PC, allows simultaneous connections, file transfers between different computers, and all this using AES 256-bit encryption to protect our security and privacy. This program can be installed as a service on our PC, in this way, it will always start with our computer to control it easily and quickly from anywhere. Finally, it allows us to create an address book to connect with the different computers in our home, family and even friends, and it will save both the ID and the fixed password that we have configured, for easy remote desktop access.

New features of SupRemo

Very interesting functionalities have been incorporated in the latest versions of this SupRemo software, with the aim of being an even more complete program than before. Below you can see all the news and how they are used:

  • Remote printing: this feature allows us to work on a document stored in the remote device, and we can print it easily and quickly on our local printer. To perform this function it is necessary to enable the remote printing function on the remote device. This new functionality allows us not to have to transfer the file from the remote computer to the local one, to later open and print it.

The first thing we have to do is install this feature: it is done from «Optional tools»And we have to click on« Install »where it indicates remote printing.

Once installed, on the remote computer we can see that we have a new printer that we can use:

If we click on «Printer properties» we can see the details of this new virtual printer that has been configured:

  • Multiple password manager: this functionality will allow us to create different fixed passwords in the program to control who connects to us. We can see this functionality in «Tools / Safety«. In addition, we must not forget that we also have a list of allowed IDs from where we can establish communications with a certain PC, otherwise, they will not be able to connect.

As you can see, it allows us to add one or more passwords to manage who can connect to our computer. It is advisable to put a description to each password, because we will get a list of use to have a record of who and when has connected to our PC.

Another important feature is the complete renovation of «Choices«, Where the graphical user interface has been improved compared to the version prior to 4.5.0, currently the latest version of SupRemo is 4.5.2.

Other features that have been incorporated into SupRemo is the possibility of remotely control our Android smartphone with SupRemo. In the event that someone has problems with their smartphone, we can access by remote control and in real time to solve any problem. We can receive or give support from our PC or Mac, logically we have to have the SupRemo application installed on the smartphone or tablet. Of course, all data traffic is fully encrypted to protect the security and privacy of users.

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