Synology extends the warranty of its devices up to 5 years

Synology has announced a new warranty program for its devices, with which it will allow its owners to extend the original warranty of their devices up to five years. This is the Extended Warranty Plus program, with which they will also receive comprehensive assistance for problems related to hardware and software. In addition, the plan also includes direct and advanced replacement services.

Thanks to the latter, customers can contact Synology directly to send the company a defective device and request a working one, which simplifies logistics. In addition, customers are provided with advanced options, giving them the opportunity to receive a replacement drive before sending the faulty one to Synology. In this way they will have less waiting time to solve their problem.

The Plus extended warranty is already available in several countries, including Spain and Portugal, as well as the United States. Customers who want to activate it have 90 days from the purchase of the device to do so. You can do it through your Synology client account dashboard, or directly from DSM version 7.1 and later.

Until next August 31, 2022, Synology has decided to extend the deadline to apply for activation of this program beyond this 90-day window for devices that are still covered by the original limited warranty. This warranty extension is available for Synology models DS420j, DS220j, DS120j, DS220+, DS620slim, and DS2422+.

Victor Wang, CEO of Synologyhas pointed out about this guarantee extension program that based on «Building on the success of our previous extended warranty programs, the new Plus option makes it easier for customers to effectively protect their products, with longer coverage and a more convenient support process. Receiving an early replacement enables customers to speed recovery of their systems by migrating critical data and services to an operational unit early in the process. This increases peace of mind for our users, who know that Synology has their back every step of the way.«.

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