System Shock: the video game saga will give life to a live action series

The video game franchise of Nightdive Studios, System Shock, is about to be adapted into a live action series thanks to Binge, which is a game entertainment streaming platform coming very soon.

System Shock live action series is coming

System Shock is set in the Citadel Station space station, in the year 2072, “Where an unnamed hacker wakes up from a coma only to confront killer robots, killer cyborgs, evil mutants and an evil AI called SHODAN trying to control Earth”.

The series will be produced by Stephen Kick And Larry Kuperman. Kick explained in a recent statement: “I always believed that a live action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to tell the harrowing story of the Citadel station and its rogue AI, which subjects the crew to unimaginable horror. We are very excited to see Binge’s talented team bring System Shock to life in frighteningly real and new ways. ”

Alan Ungar, Chief Content Officer at Binge, added: “System Shock is an iconic franchise that gamers have loved for more than two decades and a series that helped redefine what it was like to play FPS. We are thrilled to do well for the franchise – and the genre – in bringing System Shock to life. Get ready for SHODAN. “

This isn’t the only live action series Binge is working on though. In fact, we know that Driver’s is also adapting Ubisoft in a live-action series and partnered with El Rubius for his next series, Rubius Checkpoint. System Shock will be streamed exclusively on Binge, whose goal appears to be to create high-quality content designed specifically for gamers.

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