TAFFO – With Me in the Tomb: with MS Edizioni comes the game where the “coffin” wins

From true social media phenomena and undisputed principles of Italian social media marketing, the funniest and most sought after funeral agency of all arrives on our tables thanks and MS editions and TAFFO – With Me in the Tomb, the board game of the dearly departed.

In this beautiful game “to die for”, as you can imagine, the winner is whoever “cheats” and who manages to immerse themselves perfectly in the black humor style typical of the Taffo brand.

In TAFFO – With Me in the Tomb whoever cheats wins

But do not delay any longer because, before moving on to a better life, it is highly recommended to think about having fun in the aftermath since the game is already on sale here. After all, tomorrow may be too late (and don’t make superstitious gestures that we see you!).

Because if it’s all about glory or that satisfaction that makes you grin in front of the loser, maybe this time we can offer you something more tempting.

Something to win over could even change your life. Because if you win you will discover a secret … a real secret! Something never revealed before, something that only your opponent knew before you, because the secret is his.

If you agree to play, however, you will have to swear that you will respect the two fundamental rules of the game: eat the paper on which the secret is written and never reveal it!
Because “With Me in the Tomb” is the only game where cards are really eaten.

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