Take advantage of Back to School to get Windows 10 for €12 or Windows 11 for €18

Who said being legal was expensive? No one, and it is thanks to stores like You have the best software licenses at your fingertips at unbeatable prices, with all guarantees and valid for life.

It is as we told you: it is no longer necessary to spend hundreds of euros or risk the security of your system and data to be able to enjoy software like Windows or Microsoft Office, one hundred percent legitimate and valid for lifethat is, you acquire the license and save it for when it suits you best.

In fact, buying more than one license taking advantage of the discounts offered by stores like is a strategy that more and more users are following, since you never know when the bargain may run out. In view of the fact that it is OEM licenses with a discount of up to 90% Regarding the price in the Microsoft store, it pays off.

Look at the offers that we bring you and with which you can get Windows and Microsoft Office at the best price, always using the code “VERY” to get an additional 30% discount:

The strategy is clear: you get a Windows 10 license, which is still the most stable version, from which you can upgrade to Windows 11 whenever you want if your hardware supports it; and you get a Windows 11 one, just in case, or for the new computer you buy in a year or two, since the licenses do not expire. And the same for Microsoft Office.

Just remember that to acquire each license the minimum price indicated, you have to redeem the coupon «MUY» (without the quotes) in the purchase process. By steps:

  1. Enter the store and register as you would in any other site, making sure to enter your data correctly.
  2. Add the product or products that interest you to the shopping cart.
    Enter the mentioned coupon of “MUY” (without the quotes) in the “promotion code” field.

The discount will be applied immediately, before making the payment. Once the purchase process is complete, check the email address with which you registered, or your user section in the store, since you will receive the key with which to claim your original license, which you can use whenever you want: at the moment , or in the future.

If you have never done it, do not worry, because it is really simple. Let’s look at the most common example, activating a Windows license, something you can do during the system installation process or after you’ve completed it. whatever you prefer.

If you use the Windows activation key during the installation process, the wizard itself will tell you when to enter the key. If you choose to do it with the system already installed, type in the menu search engine “activate Windows” (without the quotes) and the first result will take you directly: “see if Windows is activated”.

How to activate Windows

On the screen that opens, you will see a link that says “Change product key”. Enter the key there and your Windows will be activated. Simpler impossible. From that moment on, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages and security provided by the original software.

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