Take advantage of the offer with 5 Yeedi robot vacuum cleaners with a Black Friday offer!

Likewise, you can manage it from your Yeedi application on the mobile you want, it has exactly the same functions: turn off, turn on, program, point out which places you want to pass or which not on the app’s map … And all for the € 189.99 that is worth on sale! (Original price: € 299.99).

Yeedi Vac Station

Among the wide range of these five vacuum cleaners, the Yeedi Vac Station stands out for its auto emptying station. In addition to the functions of the vacuum cleaner, such as vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time (with a power of 3000 Pa suction), the robot, once it detects that its tank is full, will return to the station, empty the dirt, and continue with its normal route. Now you don’t even have to worry in the least.

You can do it during 200 minutes of autonomy it has, but also, if the battery runs out, it will also return to its station, recharge, and continue working.

As we said, you can manage it from your mobile phone since the robot is connected to the home WiFi, and wherever you are, you will only have to enter the Yeedi application and order it to start cleaning, where yes and where not … the robot after an initial tour, a map of the entire home is made, with obstacles, walls … The sale price is € 349.99, a very good offer, considering that the original price is € 499.99 in Amazon.

Yeedi K650


If efficiency and a good budget are what you are looking for, look no further, because this Yeedi K650 fulfills the functions of almost everyone else, but for an irresistible price: just € 129.99 on sale, when the original price is € 199.99! Now you no longer have an excuse for those moments of not wanting to clean more.

In practice, this Yeedi K650 will clean and vacuum everything that comes its way with the 2000 Pa of suction it has and its two brushes, one multifunctional and the other silicone, to remove hair from any surface.

And, above all, the ease of being able to handle it from wherever you want with the Yeedi smartphone app: easy, intuitive and will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is clean the tank and load it when necessary, it’s that easy!

Yeedi Vac Hybrid


This is the mid-range of the Yeedi. With a prominent battery of 5200 mAh, it will offer you three hours of pure and hard cleaning. A cleaning that will go through vacuuming thanks to 2500 Pa suction, mop and then mop the floor, all in one. When the battery runs out, it will come back to recharge, and either stop, or pick up where it left off.

The main difference between this model and the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is that it has a carpet recognition function, so you can get on them and start a different cleaning process, to leave them spotless and remove all the rest of them. In addition, it can be configured with an emptying base.

It stands out for having a tank of 240 ml of water, where it will spray the floor to mop and scrub after vacuuming and leaving the floor without debris. Like all the brand’s models, it will be manageable through the mobile application.

With a very good price of € 209.99 on sale for Black Friday, you can buy it on Amazon and save € 90 difference.

Yeeid Mop Station


If you have come this far, you are interested in knowing that this robot is the most complete of all the ones you have read so far. It’s so good that it even stands out as the first self-cleaning robot on the European market, which means that its mops and brushes automatically clean, rinse and dry themselves thanks to two water tanks to clean and house dirty water. Amazing!

In addition to this, it has an auto emptying station, like the first model we have seen. Which means that, when it detects that its dirt tank is dirty, it will return autonomously to the station, and there it will empty everything. It will also return in case it runs out of battery, and then it will return to action. It has a good autonomy of 180 minutes thanks to the 5200 mAh battery it has.

Its price is € 549.99, A very good deal to buy on Amazon, considering that the original value of the product is € 649.99. 100 euros discount!

Now you only have to choose one among many, surely there is one that perfectly adjusts to your needs and budget!

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