Tapestry: The second expansion of the board game is coming

Stonemaier Games announced the arrival of the second expansion of Tapestry, the board game of civilization created by the founder of the same company Jamey Stegmaier.

After Plans and Ploys, the new expansion will be dedicated to art and architecture, as the name indicates: Arts & Architecture.

Tapestry: The second expansion of the board game is coming

Tapestry: Arts & Architecture will add new content to make the offer of this title released in 2019 even more varied. New boards for the capitals, new Tapestry cards, new civilizations and technology cards will be accompanied by a completely new development track, presumably linked to the aspects that give the name to this new expansion.

Other details will be revealed directly by the publishing house in the next few weeks on their social networks and on the official website.

According to the statement from Stonemaier, the production of the second expansion of Tapestry has already ended; the copies are now on their way to reach the sorting centers pending the opening of pre-orders, scheduled for the first day of December. Unfortunately it seems that even this expansion, as happened with the first, will not be localized in Italian, as it was in the case of the base game by Ghenos Games.

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