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What is the King’s League?

King's League

If we summarize it quickly and are realistic, the King’s League is another event the biggest streamers on the Spanish-speaking scene that will gather thousands of viewers around the world for a few weeks. It is another event focused on football matches that will be broadcast live and will mix high caliber streamers and other personalities in order to gather the largest possible audience.

But the Kings League can be something more. It can be the first stone of something big, although it is possible that it will deflate along the way. Time will tell. The cover letter is surprising to say the least. The league will consist of a total of 12 teams.that they will all play on the same day, 40-minute matches in football 7 format.

What teams participate?

King's League

This is where one of the great attractions of the tournament comes in, as the participating teams will have great streamers as presidents and fans as players. There will be 12 participating teams, and they are these along with their presidents:

  • CHEEP (Rivers)
  • Lightning Barcelona (Spursito)
  • Siyans FC (TheGrefg)
  • Jijantes FC (Gerard Romero)
  • XBuyerTeam (xBuyer)
  • Los Trunks FC (Perxitaa)
  • Ultimate Mostoles (Dj Mario)
  • Annihilators (John Guarnizo)
  • kunisports (Kun Aguero)
  • Swine CF (Ibai Llanos)
  • 1K (Iker Casillas)
  • The neighborhood (Adri Contreras)

When is it played?

All games will be played on sundaysand the first day will be held at the month of January 2023. There will be a total of 11 days, so at least the tournament will last 2 and a half months. That yes, after the last day, the first classified will play a play-off to decide the final champion.

At the moment we have the pairings of the first day. Are these:

King's League

How can I participate?

If you want to be part of some of the tournament teams, you just have to send your request filling in the form they have created in Infojobs. The condition is that you yourself have to take care of transportation to Barcelona in case you need it.

The interesting thing is that, if you are selected, you will have a salary, although they have not gone into detail about the conditions of this contract. At the time of writing this article, the infojobs offer accumulated a total of 4,300 registeredand taking into account that a total of 84 starting players and more or less 72 substitute players are needed, it would mean that only 156 people would get their place in the league.

curiously there is also a place for castersso if narrating is your thing, you can also participate and receive a salary in return.

All applicants must prepare a 30-second video in which to demonstrate their sports or broadcasting skills that you must upload to YouTube, TikTok or a similar social network.

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