Tech That Gamers Must Try

The gamers of today have more technological devices to choose from than at any previous time in history. A lot of the creative energy within the tech sector is going into developing new devices to enhance the gaming experience.

That means it has never been a better time to be a fan of online or console gaming. It also means that there are a great many gaming tech options out there to choose from though, so how do you separate the must-have from the misbegotten?

Well in this article we are going to outline the pieces of tech that any gamer should be looking to acquire before the end of the year.

HP Victus Gaming Laptop

The tech you need will depend a great deal on what method of gaming you prefer. Most gamers are split into one of two camps: PC and console gaming, with each viewing their own choice as the superior one.

For certain types of games there is no question that PC gaming is better though. Take online slots for example. Most people would rather play them and other casino games for actual money at an online casino than play simulated versions on a console.

That means a really good gaming PC is an essential piece of equipment and the HP Victus was designed with gaming in mind. It has all the right specifications, including a powerful core processor and graphics processor, to deliver smooth games performance. At around $700 it is also more affordable than some of its rivals.

Corsair M75 AIR

A laptop needs a mouse to go with it and a wireless option like the M75 AIR from Corsair will give you a lot more freedom of movement when gaming. This particular mouse has earned very good reviews for the ergonomic design that priorities comfort and for the overall performance.

It is an especially good choice for playing first-person shooter games because it has a wide click path. That allows for much more controlled and precise aiming and shooting.

This mouse will be an excellent buy whatever type of PC game you most like to play though. The battery may not have as long a life as the absolute top-end models, but it will last long enough for most gaming sessions.

Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack

Virtual Reality (VR) gaming is the future and Sony is ahead of the rest with its PlayStation console. This Mega Pack is the best way to get everything you will need to play VR games on it.

It provides you with the all-important headset necessary to disappear into the multidimensional digital worlds of VR, alongside a stand and the camera. That is useful because most VR headsets do not come with those included.

Maybe the best aspect of buying this Mega Pack though is that it also has five VR games for you to play. The headset and the camera will work with either the PlayStation 4 or 5 consoles, so this pack provides all you need to get started as a VR gamer.

SanDisk microSD

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console, but it does have one observable problem: very restricted storage. This microSD card from SanDisk is designed to solve that problem, which makes it a crucial piece of kit for Nintendo gamers.

Investing in one of these little cards will let you save a lot more games onto the device than you could without it. You can get ones that range from 64GB all the way up to 512GB and they can be bought very easily at sites like Amazon or Argos.

Samsung Freestyle Projector

This projector is not just for games use – it is possible to project movies and television shows on it too – but it will be a real asset to dedicated gamers. That is because it will enable them to stream the latest games. It will work equally well for action, role-playing or strategy video games from Xbox Games Pass or Steam and for slot or table games at a casino site.

Admittedly it is not the cheapest piece of gaming tech on the market. The current price at Amazon and similar sites is around $800. It should be borne in mind though that it will provide the user with what amounts to a gaming console that is portable enough to be taken with them anywhere they go.

That makes it a great choice to buy as a present for someone who loves to play games. It is also pretty good to treat yourself to though.

This is a brilliant time to be a gamer, as the big tech companies are competing to try to deliver the next breakthrough in gaming technology. These gadgets are proof of how that is benefiting gaming fans.

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