Rust makes two million dollars in two days thanks to streamers

It is undeniable that streamers and influencers in general can greatly popularize a product. Regarding video games, it happened recently with Among Us , a title that despite having been on the market for a couple of years, was not very successful, being rather a niche work.

Something similar has happened recently with Rust . If you frequent YouTube and Twitch, it is likely that you have come across numerous videos and live broadcasts that refer to Egoland , a server in which a multitude of content creators participate.

Ibai, ElRubius, AuronPlay, DjMaRiiO and other influencers with huge amounts of followers have increased the popularity of this game to the maximum, which has always had very good ratings and quite a bit of fame. However, it is now experiencing an unprecedented rebound.

Big surprise from developers

Garry Newman, who founded Facepunch Studios in 2004, he was already used to success. In fact, he was in charge of shaping Garry’s Mod, a kind of very innovative sandbox that triumphed due to its original physics .

But everything what has happened in recent weeks with Rust has surprised the director of the development team. Driven by one of the main creators of Spanish-speaking content, many streamers started broadcasts that bring together millions of views daily .

Rust obtiene dos millones de dólares en dos días gracias a los streamers - 1

Some fans of these influencers are not satisfied with just seeing their idols having a great time. They want to go further, daring to buy the game to experience the excitement and adrenaline of trying to survive in a hostile scenario full of dangers, although there are also resources available to them. your disposition.

Facepunch Studios wanted to take advantage of this pull. It has done it applying a discount on Steam of 33 percent. The final price, therefore, at the time of writing these lines is only 22.77 euros, a figure that thousands of gamers have not hesitated to pay.

So much so that the benefits amount to two million dollars, which have been obtained in two days. Garry Newman himself indicates this on his Twitter account with a graph that shows how in two different days , over the past week, that number was reached.

It should be noted that the benefits are not only given by the sale of the game. In turn, the DLC known as Instruments Pack and Sunburn Pack -which are also discounted in price-, have increased more if possible the benefits of a company that is gradually consolidating in the market.

The strategy of its creators ‘Facepunch Studios’

The discounts applied on Steam are part of a aggressive strategy that is being very fruitful . Another clear example of this is the agreement sealed with some streamers such as AuronPlay, an influencer from which an exclusive skin can be obtained through Twitch Drops.

These types of actions are increasing to the limit unsuspected the fame of a game whose popularity will increase when is released on consoles . Indeed, it is another step in Facepunch Studios’ strategy that presumably should culminate in 2021.

Certainly Rust is a type of video game that is more enjoyed on PC, but there is no doubt that many gamers who only have game consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X / S will buy the starting title to join a mass phenomenon.

Everything seems to indicate that the current number 1 in both Steam sales and Twitch views will continue on the crest of the wave, at least until the streamers leave to play it daily in Egoland.

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