Ted Lasso 3: will the third season take place?

With the broadcasting of the twelfth episode on Friday 8 October, the second sporting year of Ted Lasso driving the Richmond, told by the series of the same name Apple TV +.

The series created by Bill Lawrence has collected awards at the latest Emmys and, also given the success with the public, many of us ask ourselves if Ted Lasso 3, the third season of the series, it will do.

Will Ted Lasso 3 be done?

Ted Lasso tells the story of an American football coach who, due to a particular situation, finds himself called to coach a football team in the English Premier League.

Accompanied by faithful friend and assistant coach Beard, Ted leaves the United States; but, like Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, she soon realizes that she is no longer in Kansas. Here he meets his new colleagues on whom, after some first impressions that are not really canonical, he will very soon begin to have a more than positive influence.

One of the main characters of the series, the owner of the AFC Richmond club Rebecca Welton, played by the talented Hannah Waddingham, he will soon find himself changing his ideas on the future of the team; initially determined to “ruin” the team, enough to hire a coach of a different sport, she will be won over by her love for the shirt but above all by her new head coach.

A similar parable is that experienced by Roy Kent, veteran and team captain, gruff and perpetually angry, and Jamie Tartt, a young star of great talent but unable to humility and to be part of a team in a positive way. Among the latter we will see the model Keeley Jones, who will discover first of all to have a heart and a brain of great value.

Their lives are intertwined with those of many other characters who, although at the beginning they seem to have a minor impact, prove to be fundamental at a narrative level, composing a frame that, with the second season of the series, has really made Ted Lasso a of the best comedy series of recent years.

The light streak that we loved from the first season has evolved in the second, especially as regards the character of the protagonist. More serious issues have been addressed, but without forgetting the pleasant and not at all banal humor that made us love Ted Lasso.

The renewal of the third season

Thanks to the public and critical success of the series, also celebrated by 4 Emmy Awards 2021 (Best Comedy, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series), the third season of Ted Lasso is already a certainty, and not from today.

The news of the renewal for a third season dates back to last October, when the first season of the series was already the most viewed and appreciated of Apple’s streaming service.

To officially confirm it a few days ago, on the occasion of the delivery of the Emmy awards, the same Jason Sudeikis, actor who lends mustache to Ted Lasso and producer of the series. According to Sudeikis, Apple would have requested 12 episodes also for the renewal of the third season, which will therefore be made once the contractual issues for the renewal of the actors are settled.

Fortunately, difficulties do not seem foreseen on the horizon in this sense; the will of all parties to continue to tell us the story of Ted Lasso, and with the quality we have now made the mouth to (certainly more than the protagonist with the English tea) is strong. While there will be a wait, we can be reasonably certain that a third season of Ted Lasso will see the light.

When will Ted Lasso 3 arrive?

As much as Ted Lasso’s third season is a certainty, its airing date is still a mystery.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, production of the third season of the series is currently scheduled to begin next January. The broadcast of the previous seasons instead began in the period of July, with one episode per week, thus covering a time span of about 3 months.

Anyone who has already seen the last episode of the second season already knows that the plot has given us some clues about the content of the next. Without making any particular spoilers, let’s just say that when AFC Richmond goes to play near the London Stadium, home of West Ham United, we will see some really good ones.

The first two seasons of Ted Lasso are available through the Apple TV + streaming service, at a cost of 5 euros per month. In addition to the series produced by Universal Television And Warner Bros., on the platform there are many other shows of excellent quality, such as If it’s, The Morning Show And For All Mankind.

Have you seen Ted Lasso? What do you think of this series that initially went a bit under the radar, but which is coming out as one of the most interesting and well done not only in the Apple catalog, but in the entire TV series offering? Leave us a thought in a comment below.

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