Telegram is updated to version 8.1 on Mac

We are at a key moment for Telegram since the application has more and more users and little by little more are being added. The app that continues to fight against other great messaging applications does not stop releasing news in the form of updates and in this case it reaches version 8.1 for Mac.

It is a version with several interesting new features and some of them offer the possibility of performing live in the app. Undoubtedly the options that we have available in Telegram for users far exceed those offered by similar messaging applications, but it is necessary for users to use them and make the final leap. This did not happen at the moment and applications such as WhatsApp or Apple’s own Messages app continue to dominate in use.

These are some of the new features added in the new version of Telegram 8.1 for Mac. In any case, they are similar to those added in the latest version of the popular messaging app for iOS and iPadOS devices such as new topics for chats, live streaming video recording or read receipts among other novelties:

Chat topics

• Choose one of the 8 default themes in any of your private chats.

• Touch the chat header> More (⋯)> “Change colors” to choose a topic.

• Both chat participants will see the same topic for that chat on all of their devices.

• All chat themes have day and night versions, and will follow your dark mode settings.

Record live streams and video chats

• Record video and audio from the live broadcasts of your group or channel.

• Administrators can start recording from the Settings menu (⋯).

• Choose to record in portrait or landscape orientation.

• The finished recordings are sent to the administrator’s Saved Messages and can be easily shared.

• You will see that a broadcast is being recorded by the red dot that appears next to its title.

Small Group Reading Confirmations

• Select one of your outgoing messages in small groups to see who has seen it recently.

• To protect privacy, read receipts are only stored for 7 days after the message is sent.

Interactive emojis

• Some animated emojis now have full screen effects when touched, such as: fireworks: or: heart: red.

• If your chat partner also has the chat open, they will see the effects when you tap the emoji.

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