Tesla: a driver dies at the wheel of his Model 3, the Autopilot braked suddenly on the highway

A 74-year-old man died on the edge of his Tesla. While Autopilot was on, his car suddenly came to a stop on the freeway. The latter was then hit by two other vehicles who did not have time to spot her.

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For many, Autopilot represents the future of the automobile. The promise has something to dream about: letting the car navigate on its own, without needing to intervene, there’s something to call that a revolution. Yet the technology is not without danger, and accidents are far from non-existent. Sometimes, the latter fortunately do not cause a victim, as when a Tesla violently collided with a police car. But not everyone is so lucky.

A few weeks ago, a 27-year-old American was notably found guilty of homicide, while his car on autopilot took the lives of two people. Indeed, the question arises. There are, on the one hand, those who consciously relax their attention by resting recklessly on their vehicle. But, on the other hand, there are those who are simply victims of a system bug. Terry L. Siegal, who died on the road this weekend, paid the price.

A Tesla suddenly brakes and kills its driver

Indeed, the 74-year-old man could not do anything while his Model 3 suddenly braked on the highway. As she was parked, two other cars hit her. Terry L. Siegal was immediately taken to hospital but did not survive his injuries. The other passengers and drivers only got away with a few after-effects.

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At present, it is still unclear what caused the Model 3 to brake so suddenly. Independence police are citing a mechanical problem, adding that the data collected on the on-board computer will help them figure out what really happened. Terry L. Siegal is not an isolated case. For several months, owners have been complaining en masse about phantom braking problems.

Several complaints have been filed, pushing the manufacturer to deploy an update to its system. Without obviously eradicating the problem.

Source: Business Insider

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