Tesla abandons the radar on its Model 3 and Y sold in Europe

A year ago, Tesla began ditching radar sensors in many of its cars. From now on, it is the Model 3 and Model Y delivered from April 2022 in Europe which will be devoid of this front sensor.

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European Tesla Model 3 and Model Y reservation holders who are due to receive their vehicle in the next quarter are in for a nasty surprise: their car will not be shipped with a frontal radar, which was however used for the Autopilot. Tesla had removed this sensor last year on Model 3 and Model Y sold in North America, and this change now affects Europe.

From now on, cars will only have to rely on the cameras placed at 360 degrees, a new system that Tesla has called “Tesla Vision”. Elon Musk has never hidden his love for the cameras, which he greatly prefers to radar. According to him, the cameras placed around the vehicles were more than enough to make his vehicles intelligent, although he acknowledged that his cars were still far from being autonomous.

No more radar on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, what does that change?

Even without the radar, Tesla had claimed that Autopilot would be as effective as it was before. However, the American automaker has warned future owners that “For a limited time during this transition, vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision may come with temporarily restricted or inactive features. “.

Among them, we find in particular the assistance with the maintenance of course. This feature will be limited to a speed of 130 km/h and the greater minimum following distance. The limitation should therefore not impact French users, since the motorways are limited to 130 km / h. However, she might hinder German drivers who are not subject to a speed limit on some sections of the Autobahn.

This limitation should be lifted in a few weeks with a software update. In the United States, the lifting of restrictions was only validated a month after the first Tesla deliveries without radar, so it is expected that everything will be back to normal by June 2022 .

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