Tesla: the price of the Model 3 increases again in France

Discreetly, Tesla has just increased the price of the Model 3 in France once again. Indeed, the Propulsion variant, the basic model, is now trading at €44,990 without an ecological bonus. This is an increase of €1,190 compared to the previous rate, in force since January 2021.

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In 2021, Tesla repeatedly raised the price of the Model 3 in the United States. The last price increase dates from November 2021, when the brand’s most popular model is now trading at $44,990. You will agree, we are far from the 35,000 dollars requested when the Model 3 was released in 2017.

Until then, however, the French market had been relatively spared by these successive price increases. Indeed, the amount requested to acquire a Model 3 has not changed since January 2021. Finally, until this night. In effect, the Californian manufacturer has just revised upwards the prices of the Model 3 Propulsion, the basic variant, of its electric sedan.

Tesla raises Model 3 prices in France

Now you have to pay €44,990 excluding ecological bonus to become the proud owner of a Model 3. This represents an increase of 1190 € compared to the previous price. Without options or paint, the Model 3 Propulsion remains below the €45,000 mark and buyers can still claim a maximum ecological bonus of €6,000.

However, this will not be the case if you decide to add an option or a paint for example. Indeed, opting for a black paint for example will be charged 1190 €. As a result, the total price exceeds the threshold of €45,000 (€46,180 to be precise) and the value of the ecological bonus is reduced to €2,000. In other words, it will be necessary to put on the table 44,180 € to acquire a Tesla Model 3 in blackblue or red.

Casually, if a buyer decided to checkout the day before this price increase, the car in the same configuration was displayed at €38,990! As you can see, the increase therefore amounts to €5,190! Anyway, Tesla had to end up increasing these prices in France. As a reminder, the Tesla Model 3 is no longer the best electric car on the market according to the latest Consumer Reports ranking.

Source: Tesla

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