The 10 most successful video game sagas of all time

The ones that have sold the most in history

If we put names of well-known franchises on the table, you would surely think of the most current ones: call of duty, gta, FIFA…but how many of those survive in the Top 10 best sellers of all time? That is why today we bring you a Top 10 so that you know What have been the most important franchises? of the history of video games.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. The Sims

Electronic Arts’ hit life simulation franchise has captivated generations of gamers with its plethora of bizarre possibilities and situations. Such is his success that it has managed to sell 200,000,000 copies.

9. Assassin’s Creed

The franchise of Ubisoft’s assassins has generated love and hate alike, but if there is one thing we are clear about, it is that the adventures of this creed throughout history is a plot that attracts attention, or at least that is what its plots suggest. more than 200,000,000 units sold.


TT Games has managed to make a name for itself within the industry thanks to the development of video games based on LEGO toys, inspired in turn by any other cinematographic IP imaginable: Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. Among all the releases they have sold 203,220,000 copies.


The saga starring Steve and that allows us, summarizing a lot, to build using different blocks, is one of the greatest sensations videogames so far this century. Its rich world and addictive gameplay have made it possible for there to be sold 238,000,000 games.


Obviously, we couldn’t talk about the most successful video game sagas without mentioning the best-known sports franchise. Thanks to some of the most famous players on the cover, has been able to sell more than 325,000,000 units Worldwide.

5.Grand Theft Auto

Without a doubt, one of the most frantic sagas in history could not be missing from this list. The Rockstar Games franchise has managed to keep players glued to the screen for hours. It has sold 395,000,000 copies Worldwide.

4. Super Mario Bros.

The saga of the Nintendo plumber has been falling in love with generations of gamers for 40 years. With some of the most successful and iconic games in history, it ranks fourth with 398,510,000 copies sold

3.Call of Duty

The franchise of shooter par excellence is the queen in many areas of 21st century video games. With very good campaign modes and highly addictive multiplayer, an impressive number of 400,000,000 units. We entered the field of heavyweights.

2. Pokemon

The formula of hunting down some rather adorable little monsters and having them fight each other has turned out to be a worldwide phenomenon, becoming one of the best-selling IPs in everything from stuffed animals to clothing to accessories. Regarding games, has sold 464,840,000 games.


Who would have imagined that Tetris would take the gold medal in this ranking? The color block line-filling game has been a hit for over 40 years. If we put all their titles together we get a total of 496,400,000 units Almost 500 million!

And you? Which of these series is your favourite?

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