The 7 free games of September that arrive with Prime Gaming

Sam & max

In 1993, this crazy adventure made many players laugh. With a dog (Sam) and a rabbit (Max) as protagonists, these peculiar detectives must investigate the disappearance of a frozen yeti that has escaped from the block of ice in which it was perfectly preserved, so you can imagine the situations with the ones that you will run into on the way.

Knockout City

One of EA’s latest releases is this curious dodgeball modality, where we will have to defeat the opposing team by hitting with a ball. The amazing mappings, ball effects, and special moves make it quite an eye-catching game. It is true that it is a completely free game, so the inclusion of Prime Gaming is not especially a surprise, but it is appreciated.

Candleman The Complete Journey

You are a small candle that can only hold its flame for 10 seconds. With this premise, you will have to solve puzzles and mazes with the help of the light and shadows that you generate with the sole intention of being able to escape from the permanent darkness.

Puzzle Agent

With a fun comic aesthetic, Puzzle Agent proposes a puzzle adventure in which FBI agent Nelson Tethers must find out why everyone in the town of Scoggins communicates with riddles. Everything seems to point to a mystery in the central factory, but the presence of forest dwarves and other events will confuse you even more.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis

Another graphic adventure that comes as a sequel to the successful Secret Files Tunguska, and that this time will take us to a world on the edge of the abyss due to various crises spread across different corners of the globe. Our protagonist, Nina Kalenkow, will witness a murder that will trigger a series of events that will force her to investigate what is behind everything that happened.

Tools Up!

In this hilarious cooperative game you will have to do the work of a renovation company that will be forced to finish its work in the shortest time possible. But of course, you know what it means to run too much in this type of work. Will you be able not to make too much damage?


A spectacular narrative game in which you will have to read, memorize and solve crazy puzzles in order to try the mystery behind the story. Will you be able to solve it without going crazy? You will not stop reading!

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