The Apple Watch Series 8 will offer a new, less restrictive low power mode

Apple would have planned some changes to the mode of consumption of its new Apple Watch Series 8. This is what Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has just revealed. According to its own sources, the American giant is working on a new low-power mode exclusive to the new connected watch.

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If you’re a regular Apple Watch, the traditional low power mode of your Apple watches must have pissed you off more than once. Despite a more than convincing autonomy on these latest generation models, the Apple Watches offer a particularly restrictive reserve mode. From the 10% of autonomy started, it is no longer possible to use the watch freely. All features are disabled and it is only possible to read the time against the black background of the watch.

The new low consumption mode of the Apple Watch Series 8 would therefore correct this defect. The information has just been revealed by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. According to him, the Californian giant would have reworked this function to offer future users of the Apple Watch Series 8 a much less restrictive “reserve” mode.

The low consumption mode of the Apple Watch Series 8 would be less restrictive

The journalist even claims that the new Low Power Mode will allow users to continue using Apple Watch apps and features without consuming too much power. All of this should work similarly to the low-power mode we’re already familiar with on iOS and macOS, which only suspends background activities and throttles device performance to save battery power.

Note that this new low-power mode should be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 8. This same Mark Gurman had however recently announced that Apple was implementing this novelty in its future watchOS 9 firmware. But the journalist has just backtracked and assures today that this new consumption mode will only be on the Apple Watch Series 8. Developers who are currently testing watchOS 9 have found in particular that the reserve mode is very similar to previous software versions.

The Apple Watch Series 8 should officially see the light of day during the month of September. Among the new features announced, the Apple Watch Series 8 would notably be equipped with a body temperature sensor. It will also sport a new design with flat edges.

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