The best memory games for the iPhone

The best memory games for the iPhone

I play a lot of puzzle games and logic-based games whenever I need to take a break or have to wait for something for 5 or 10 minutes, although they are not the only games I have on my iPhone… There are many types of memory games for iPhone in the Apple App Store, and could be divided into two categories, fun brain game apps and brain training apps.

In today’s article, I compile some of the ones that I have played and continue to play, to help you keep your brain active and fast. Let’s take a look at the best memory games for the iPhone!

Brain Out

The best memory games for the iPhone

Brain Out is a handcrafted iPhone game that tests your intelligence at all levels. The reason I say handmade is because the levels are curated to make you think and the obvious answer is usually the wrong one. The game has more than 200 levels that would force you to think a little differently. They will make you think logically, test your reflexes, improve precision and sharpen your memory.

You can find the game for free in the App Store and it has ads that you can remove for about five euros.

Brain Dots

Brian Dots

Brain Dots is a logic based puzzle game which tests your ability to understand physics. The game tests your skills with a simple objective, you have to make the two points match. The dots remain suspended in the air in all levels and you have to draw a suitable shape that forces the dots to travel towards each other. The initial levels are kept simple, but they will become complicated quickly and you would have to give free rein to your imagination to get ahead.

Brain Dots is free on the App Store, but like many free games and apps it has ads.

Tricky Test

Tricky Test memory games

Tricky Test is similar to Brain Out in terms of puzzles, but sets itself apart with a better design scheme. A game based on life, which makes it more interesting, since losing all lives would make you go back 3 levels. There are more than 100 different levels in which you would have to solve puzzles using unconventional methods.

For example, the objective in one of the levels was to prevent a giant statue from crying and after losing so many times, the solution was to turn the iPhone upside down. It’s an incredibly fun game for kids and adults alike.

Tricky Test is almost free, as it costs around 1 euro in the App Store

1LINE one-stroke puzzle game memory games

1Line is a puzzle game in which Your goal is to connect the dots and complete a pattern without going over any line twice. Unlike other brain games for iPhones, each level can have multiple solutions since you can start from any point in the pattern. The game has a total of 850 stages that would keep you busy for weeks. It also has hints for when you get stuck, which I’m sure you will.

1Line is free in the App Store and has ads that you can remove with a one-time payment of 1.99 euros

Freaky Focus

memory games

Freaky Focus is a very simple iPhone game that puts test your impulse. You are presented with a color screen and a color name. Your goal is to check if the color and text are the same. The hard part is that you only have two seconds before the timer runs out, so you have to be quick. It feels like a challenge because one part of your brain is trying to figure out the color and the other side is trying to figure out the text..

Freaky Focus is free on the App Store and has ads.

Brain Games - Left vs Right memory games

Adding on to the previous game, Left vs. Right adds a few different types of puzzle exercises for your brain on the iPhone. There are six categories like precision, awareness, patience, reasoning, adaptability and reflection in this app. There are 50 different games divided into these categories. You set your goals and keep track of everything within the app.

Even though Left vs Right is free, you can only play games from 3 categories every day, but you can unlock the entire catalog with a subscription of 5 euros per month.


Sudoku memory games

Well, you can’t talk about training your brain and skipping this timeless classic. Sudoku has carved a space in newspapers and is now found on iPhones in an intuitive app. For those who haven’t played Sudoku, it is a 9×9 grid where each row and column must be filled with the numbers 1-9. The only rules are that no row, column, or small 3×3 cube can have any repeating numbers.

Sudoku app has three modes with increasing difficulty and one thing I like about this app over traditional paper is the instant verification of a cell. That is, you won’t have to go through the entire network if you make a mistake. Of course, you can disable this feature if you are a purist. Sudoku is free on the App Store.

Sudoku is free although you can make purchases within the app.

Brain It On

Brain It On memory games

Brain It On is another physics based iPhone brain puzzle game that will make your brain explode. The objective differs from level to level, but in general, you must take into account the physics of the objects to achieve the desired result. For example, you would have to draw levers, balance objects in the air, make slopes, etc. to go through different levels. It is one of the best brain games for the iPhone.

Get Brain It On is also free on the App Store and you can make in-app purchases.

Your favorite brain games for iPhone

These were some of the best memory games for iPhone users that I thought were worth recommending. Do you have fun playing these games? Let me know if you’ve found a better game than the ones I mentioned in the article, and let me know in the comments.

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