The best of cinema and series on these Instagram accounts

Best Instagram accounts about movies and series

First of all, and since we believe that it will be what interests everyone the most, we want to introduce you to some of the best Instagram profiles that will keep us up to date with the premieres that reaches the small / big screen, and varied recommendations.

Rotten Tomatoes (@rottentomatoes)

The first account that we think you should know is, in turn, one of the most popular profiles of this entire social network in relation to cinema and series. This is the account of Rotten tomatoes, which already reaches the figure of 1.6 million followers On Instagram. They are a company that is responsible for analyzing movies, keeping up with news and releases, in addition to many other things. An ideal place to be up to date in the world of cinema and series.

Frames (@fotogramas_es)

Another super interesting profile, in this case speaking Spanish, is Frames. A well-known magazine that in this social network is responsible for showing any news about cinema and series. In addition, we will also find curious facts, images of the actors, awards and much more. The profile in Spanish of Fotogramas adds already 244 thousand users movie lovers on Instagram.

FilmAffinity (@filmaffinity)

Similar to what we saw with the account that headed this list is what we will find in the profile of FilmAffinity. A company that is dedicated to analyzing movies and series, advising of the premieres and keeping us abreast of any news related to this world of the small and big screen. FilmAffinity is currently followed by more than 160 thousand people in this social network.

World Movies (@world_movie)

When the weekend comes, most of us wonder what new series or movie we can see on Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or Disney +. That won’t happen to you if you follow World Movies on Instagram, just like others do 127 thousand users. We will know all the news that are released in the cinema or on these content platforms, in addition to obtaining recommendations from the best experts on the subject.

Trailers and Releases (@trailersyestrenos)

Last but not least, we have the profile of Trailers and Releases, whose name makes it clear to us the content that we will see on your wall of Instagram. We will be able to see all the news at the moment so as not to miss a single one. Although it has 17 thousand followers, we have no doubt that this profile will continue to grow a lot.

Best Instagram accounts for moviegoers

At this point, we wanted to dedicate a section for those who like to go a little further. Right behind the cameras, to know some aspects of the most cinephile users.

The Film Zone (@thefilmzone)

The first account of this selection is super known, already reaching more than 1.3 million followers in this social network. This is the profile of The Film Zone where we can see compilations of mythical movie scenes, news, curiosities, behind the scenes or comparisons of scenes among other interesting content.

Andrea David (@filmtourismus)

On the other hand we have the curious account of Andrea David, a blogger who is dedicated to creating super original content. He prints a frame of some of the best scenes from popular movies and goes on a trip to find the exact frame where they were shot. Then take a picture by matching the exact camera shot of the film with the location. This type of content has already fallen in love with more than 800 thousand people on Instagram, who are already waiting to see what his next photo will be.

An example of Andrea’s content could be the scene of the flying car at the Harry Potter train station or the moment when this young wizard first enters the station in search of platform 9 and 3/4.

History of Cinema (@historyofcinema)

If you like to know the past and present of cinema and series, you cannot miss the History of Cinema account. A compilation of the best moments on the small and big screen where we can see mythical sequences from movies such as Casino Royale, the Wolf of Wall Street, the Shining or the Fight Club, among many others. This profile has reached the 751 thousand followers within this social network.

The Cinegogue (@thecinegogue)

A content similar to the previous one is the one that shows us the account of The Cinegogue, which already reaches the figure of 205 thousand movie lovers On Instagram. Compilations of cinema images ranging from the most classic to fairly recent deliveries. We can also see comparisons of films from different times and the occasional behind the scenes for the most curious.

Cinematic Behind the Scenes (@cinematic_behindthescenes)

And, speaking behind the scenes, we could not miss the opportunity to introduce you to this account for those of you who are filmmakers or filmmakers. Is about Cinematic Behind the Scenes a profile in which, as its name suggests, some of the best behind-the-scenes moments in the history of cinema are collected. A clear example could be the scenes of The Godfather in 1972 or Jack Nicholson in The Shining in 1980. Although the account of Cinematic Behind the Scenes currently has 50 thousand users Within this social network, we have no doubt that it will continue to grow much more.

What do you think of these Instagram accounts about movies and series? Did you know some of them? Leave us a comment below if you would like us to know some more that we do not name.

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