The best quality-price MacBook, with 160 euros discount

We do not get tired of saying it and it is that the MacBook Air with M1 processorIt is the best Apple computer if you look at its quality at the price it is sold. But it is that, in addition to being the most economical laptop of the brand, now you can buy it cheaper still in some stores like Amazon thanks to their temporary offers.

All with 3 year warranty according to the new law that entered into force on January 1. And considering that you can also try it for 30 days Without obligation, being able to return it if it does not satisfy you, it becomes a great bargain. Although we already anticipate that you will most likely not make use of that money-back guarantee because you will be fascinated with this equipment.

A laptop focused on the majority of the public

The newer MacBook Pros, despite serving everyone in the end, have high-end specs that not everyone will be able to squeeze the most out of. Not to mention the price (more than 2,000 euros). However, with the ‘Air’, the opposite happens and it is that they serve a majority of the public more than enough and even for those who at specific times need to carry out heavier actions.

The chip M1 that mount offers high performance for all kinds of tasks, from the most basic such as consuming multimedia content, browsing the internet or making use of office apps, to more demanding actions such as photo or video editing, although as long as the latter are not a constant because then a more advanced model is even more suitable. The fact is that this chip manages to do everything that is asked of it.

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

Besides, it offers a temperature management enviable despite not having a fan, making the device never overheat. The good management of consumption is also noted in relation to battery, having plenty of autonomy for an intensive day of work and even more, being the best-trained Apple laptop in this area.

All this is added to other advantages such as Magic Keyboard with Touch ID to unlock the device or make payments and enter passwords. Also a good 13.3 inch screen in a tremendously compact body that makes it a tremendously portable computer, since it is very convenient to transport anywhere and to use in any way.

The price is now lower than normal

While it is true that Amazon usually has sales on this computer, now we find one of the best. Besides that there is enough stock as for it to arrive tomorrow if you wish. At the time of publishing this news, their discounts are in the version of 8 GB of RAM (enough with the M1) and in these modalities:

  • 256GB storage:
    • Gold or Space Gray Color: 210 euros discount
    • Silver color: 205 euros discount
  • 512GB storage:
    • Any color (gold, silver, or space gray): 160 euros discount

macbook air

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