The big doubts generated by the Apple Vision Pro

It can be said without fear of being wrong that Apple with its Apple Vision Pro has completely reinvented the industry just as Steve Jobs did with the iPhone or iPod. In addition, this new product is not only innovative and groundbreaking, but it is several steps ahead of the competition, due to the fact that it has presented a unique product, a perfect combination of everything that Apple has been learning all these years with all of its products and operating systems. However, like any new product, there are many questions. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see what are the main problems that it can cause and how Apple proposes to solve it.

People with sight problems

The first question that these glasses generated for me is the effects that occur in people who have vision problems such as myopia or astigmatism. In this sense, the problem would be double, since, this semi-real and virtual environment can cause users to lose their conception of space a bit.


Apple, according to its engineering and design department, has developed these glasses taking this problem into account, although we do not know its solution, since we do not know if modifications can be made via software so that users can correct this problem and above all, if the user will be forced to use contact lenses or glasses (and its discomfort) in the event that it cannot be solved via software.

Latency, discomfort and dizziness

If we are working on a symbiotic environment between virtual and real, it is essential that Apple has worked down to the smallest detail to avoid the latency that occurs as we are working between the different interfaces. In addition, this latency can cause the sensation, of overwhelm and dizziness to users, above all, because customers are going to buy these glasses to improve their workflows, not to suffer slowdowns.


To all this we must add the battery problemsince, if the autonomy is very small, the latency in the use of the device will increase or not, and that, surely, it will keep incorporated management functions when you have few resources left.

temperature and updates

Temperature is a fundamental aspect in all technological devices and Apple has improved this problem pulling out the battery (a move similar to the power supply of the 24-inch iMacs). However, if we are using complex processes or several screens at the same time, the temperature can be a problem, especially as the Vision Pro has more years on the market and there are more and more professional applications in its App Store along with older components.


Along with this, Apple has not said anything about its a Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch are not compatible with the latest version of macOS and needs to work with the Vision Pro, it would be necessary to see if Apple limits functionalities as it does in iOS or you simply will not be able to have the same experience due to hardware and software incompatibility.


By way of conclusion, until the next one we are not going to test the glasses in depth and, it is where, we begin to find the defects that a reality glasses have that, without a doubt, have completely changed the market and where Apple, another time, has given a incredible leap into the future.

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