The blockchain will grow 47% per year until 2024

The irruption of the blockchain It has been a real earthquake at the business level. Thanks to the blockchain, companies from various sectors, in addition to the financial sector, have promoted pioneering projects in Spain based on the use of this technology. According to the IDC Research Spain study on the ‘blockchain’, this technology is expected to generate more than 20,000 million euros in Spanish GDP by 2030. According to this same report, the annual growth rate of blockchain technology in Western Europe will be 47% in the period from 2020 to 2024.

In this context, according to the latest study prepared by the Cotec Foundation for innovation and the Alastria association, SMEs lead the use of blockchain in our country, highlighting the urban centers of Madrid and Barcelona as centers of innovation.

Barcelona Blockchain Week

To analyze this situation, different actors and entities of the Catalan blockchain ecosystem organized the Barcelona Blockchain Week between April 1 and 5. The event brought together a wide variety of events on blockchain technology, with networking meetings for professionals and activities for the dissemination and revitalization of blockchain technology.

The Barcelona Blockchain Week was born to spread this technology among the population, publicize examples of its application and position Barcelona as a benchmark city in the app development and talent generationas well as in the entire support ecosystem that it offers in the field of this technology.

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As part of the Barcelona Blockchain Week, Celo, a company in charge of creating prosperous financial systems, and Aticco, an ecosystem that supports innovation and a cradle of business talent, have come together with the aim of promoting the blockchain sector in Catalonia and organized Celo Connect Mobile Hackathon.

This competition against the clock allowed the participants for three days, from April 1 to 3 in the Aticco Bogatell coworking space, to seek group solutions to the problems raised, such as solving climate change through blockchain.

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