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September and October have been the months in which, at MuyPymes, we have focused a large part of our editorial effort on dealing with the issue of green technology, that is, the impact of IT on the sustainability of SMEs and the balance of consumption with respect for the environment. The result has been the launch of a new thematic and digital magazine: Green IT.

As on other occasions, the magazine compiles the most important news about this sector that we have published in MuyPymes, for two months. This time, we have had the participation of Zacarias Tobardo, coordinator of TheCircularLab (Ecoembes).

As on previous occasions, the magazine is produced in a very lightweight, visual and linkable in which we include advice so that companies can be more sustainable, the advantages that this implies for the business, the “prize” for being increasingly green in the form of monetary aid from the EU … We also talk about which are the technological tools considered “Green”, as are all those that are in the cloud.

Our readers will be able to access free form to this magazine, without having to give the data, so that it is easier to download. With respect to index, is the following:

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  • Foreword: «The impact of Green IT on SMEs and the self-employed».
  • How we can use technologies to minimize environmental impact
  • Outstanding news
  • Interview with María Antequera, from GWSpain
  • The origin of the term Green IT
  • Informational pills
  • Aguaduna: the city of the future that Spain is creating, from scratch, in Brazil

To whet your appetite, we leave you with an extract from the prologue, signed by the coordinator of TheCirularLab, the Ecoembes innovation center on circular economy, which is the one that knows the most about the impact of green technology on business and the environment, and whose text exclusively, you can read in the magazine:

«… The ICT sector plays a key role and its contribution can be decisive in reducing the environmental impact caused by the activity of the rest of the economic sectors. During the aforementioned period, the Green IT did make significant progress in direct impacts, such as those of their manufacture or the consumption of CPDs. Although there is still much to do in enabling impacts, which consist of the inclusion of ICTs through innovations that allow other sectors a lower environmental impact and greater development … »

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