The blocks now in your hands: the best Minecraft LEGO

The best LEGO Minecraft kits

These are the best sets that you can currently choose from within the great LEGO catalog.

The Creeper Mine – #21155

If what your child likes the most is dig for gold while battling Creepers, this is the perfect base game. East 834 piece kit focuses on the underground area of Minecraft. It includes several characters: Steve (of course), a Minecraft blacksmith, a Mummified or Pusillanimous Zombie, as well as a Creeper. He also brings a cow and a bat that will serve as fauna and witnesses of his adventures.

The set creates various environments: has a mine with tracks; a refuge with his bed kiln and anvil to rest; pieces based on the Meseta biomes with its irrigated orchard and Desert with cacti. Thus, they can play to unlock the mine with TNT and 2 pickaxes, store the gold in the large Creeper statue, and fight the Pushover with the included sword. If you are interested, hurry up, because it is a limited edition.

Modular Box 3.0 – #21161

Modular Box 3

This set of 564 pieces is perfect for start minecraft lego collection. The best thing about both games is the freedom to develop your own creativity. Thus, this set comes with enough construction elements so that children can create a crenellated towera low castlea farm staggered or a mixture of both. The possibilities They are infinite and they will have a great time redesigning their abode over and over again.

This box brings Steve, Alex and a pig as characters. As antagonists, it brings a Zombie and a Creeper, the typical nocturnal enemies. In addition, it is accompanied by a couple of trees and an orchard with sugar cane. Great for children over eight years who want to play farm by day and fight zombies by night.

The Illager Invasion – #21160

The Illager Invasion

Everything is going well in the village; You have put order, traded with the villagers and taken advantage of the crops. You have made the village your settlement and you are calm, but… what is that noise? Oh no! The Illagers arrive!

For protect the village from the plunder of invaders, Character Kai arrives, a figure dressed like a ninja who wields a diamond sword. He saves the villagers, the pig, and even the poor cat from the advancing Huns—I mean, um, the Illagers—and their mighty beast Ravager. East 562-piece set It’s the perfect gift for kids who already own other Minecraft enemies like Zombies and Creepers.

The Ruined Portal – #21172

This LEGO set of 316 pieces will transport players to another dimension. With it we can build a access portal to the nether or Underworld. Thanks to this obsidian construction, our character Alex will access this world of fire, lava and hostile creatures. To do so, he can be armed with the netherite armor, diamond pickaxe and sword that are included in the box.

This set creates a parallel between the Real World and the Nether World that will blow the imagination of the little ones. Also included are a Wither Skeleton, a Baby Sheep and a Baby Hoglin.

The Warped Forest – #21168

The warped forest

If your little ones already have The Ruined Portal, why don’t we expand the nether world a bit more? This LEGO set of 287 pieces recreate the bWarped Forest Language (also called Distorted Forest). Includes: a protagonist Huntress, a hostile Hoblin creature and two sword-wielding Piglins. In addition, it integrates rockfall and TNT explosion functions. This set is perfect for increase the dimension of the Underworld with your lava.

The Coral Reef – #21164

The Coral Reef minecraft lego

Let us remember that under the water there is a whole underwater kingdom! And it is that in the warm oceans of Minecraft we find these coral reefs. This mini LEGO set of 92 pieces It is the perfect little detail for those children who like to explore underwater.

This set includes: the protagonist Alex, a Blowfish, a Tropical Fish and a Drowned Zombie. In addition, it brings a chest, aquatic vegetation and a Nautilus shell.

The Horse Stable – #21171

The Horse Stable lego minecraft

Is there anything more rewarding than befriending a horse until you manage to tame it? Now kids can recreate this equine achievement in real life with the LEGO Minecraft Horses set. this little box of 241 pieces Includes enough components to build a few stablesa show jumping course, plus accessories like water and carrots to take care of these tamable creatures.

In addition, this box contains: a Horse with black and white fur, a Horse with Diamond Armor, a red-haired character and as an enemy, a Skeleton Rider (composed of a Skeleton and a Skeleton Horse).

The Pig-House – #21170

pig house lego minecraft

This somewhat piggy construction has been all the rage for some time. While the classics prefer to make their house out of wood, brick and stone, there are others who decide to throw the house out the window and build this bizarre architecture. the joke of The three Little Pigs it is done by itself, but we must admit that the house is very funny.

This large set contains 490 pieces, enough to build this pink pig structure. It can be opened from the side to play in the hidden rooms, hide from the Creepers and take care of the two pigs that are included in the set. Come on, better than a 5J!

Note: All LEGO sets are recommended for children ages 8 and up.

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