The canceled Xiaomi 12 Ultra, a shortage of ink cartridges, this is the recap

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra would be canceled in favor of another smartphone, the semiconductor shortage also affects ink cartridges, a Tesla Model 3 that mines cryptocurrency, this is the recap of the news to remember from Monday, January 10 2022.

It’s time for the recap of the day for January 10, 2022. On the menu, bitcoin, a high-end smartphone gone by the wayside and worries with printer cartridges.

Semiconductor shortage leads to shortage of ink cartridges for printers

The semiconductor shortage has affected all sectors since 2020 and it is now up to printer manufacturers to pay the price. Canon thus decided to produce ink cartridges without chips so as not to run out of stock. These chips can be used to detect the ink level and determine if the cartridge is compatible with the machine. They can work fine without it, but the appearance of error messages should be more frequent.

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No Xiaomi 12 Ultra in 2022, but another premium model from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi 11 Ultra was one of the best smartphones of 2021. However, it should not have a successor in 2022. Indeed, some leaks indicate that Xiaomi will ignore the terminal. The aim of the maneuver would be to leave the field open to two other premium models: the MIX 5 and the MIX 5 Pro. The user should not lose in the change, the technical sheet of the two phones being very promising.

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He mines cryptocurrencies with his Tesla Model 3

What if your car could make you money? Siraj Raval, owner of a Tesla Model 3, decided to use his vehicle to mine cryptocurrency. To do this, he connected his car to several graphics cards as well as to his MacBook equipped with dedicated software. An idea as far-fetched as it is useless, since Raval himself admits that the game is not worth the candle if we weigh the expenses incurred to get there.

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