The commerce sector continues to lose self-employed workers

The Association of Self-Employed Workers (ATA) reminds us that the number of registered unemployed rose by 2,618 people at the end of February, compared to the decrease of 11,394 registered in 2022. For its part, the number of Social Security affiliates an average of 88,918 contributors gained in February compared to the month of January, a figure slightly higher than that registered in the same month last year (+67,111).

“Although the behavior of employment in the month of February has been very similar to what we had in February of last year, 2023 has had a bad start for the business fabric. The data for February reflect that since the beginning of the year 17,300 self-employed workers and 10,000 companies have been lost. If we analyze the data in the last three months, we would be talking about a loss of 18,000 companies and 18,300 self-employed”, says Lorenzo Amor, ATA president.

For its part, the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) totals 3,448 contributors during the month of February. The reality is that the situation that the business fabric is experiencing is a very complicated situation: although employment has maintained the standards it has for a month of February, we are facing a significant destruction of the business fabric, destruction of companies and the self-employed.

The cost increases that are taking place are weighing down business activity and is damaging many companies and the self-employed and therefore the closure of companies and the destruction of the self-employed.

We ask the Government, given this increase in energy, production, financial, mortgage, labor and tax costs, to help the business fabric and not put obstacles in the way. It is time, and we have been demanding it for months, for the Government to alleviate the tax burden on the self-employed, and we are not talking about reducing taxes, we are talking about reduce withholdings that is charging the self-employed, 15% withholding on the gross invoice, or on payments on account the Corporation Tax “claims the national president of ATA.

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With the increases in costs, most of the self-employed with the withholdings that are being applied within a year or a year and a half, when they have to file the income statement, the Treasury is going to have to return the money that is being delivered at this time: we must stop being the financial institution of the State”.

If the Government does not take action and does not stop putting stones in the way and does not help fiscally to give liquidity to the self-employed, The destruction of the self-employed and the business fabric will continue in the coming months.

February adds 3,448 self-employed

As we have pointed out, the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) added 3,448 contributors in February, a figure similar to the 3,424 registered in the same month last year. If we analyze the data in the last three months, we would be talking about a loss of 18,000 companies and 18,300 self-employed workers.

We currently have 4,607 less self-employed than a year ago, than in February of last year. “This data is bad data. Just think that in February last year there were 53,407 more in year-on-year terms than in February 2021”says Lorenzo Amor.

Despite the growth, they have been six communities that continue to lose self-employed: Castilla y León (-131 self-employed), Asturias (-84 self-employed), Castilla-La Mancha (-66 self-employed), Extremadura (-35 self-employed), Aragón (-18 self-employed) and La Rioja, with two less self-employed than in January .

By sectors, the trade It continues its particular free fall, with a decrease of 1,317 less self-employed contributors in a single month. The biggest rise in the month was registered by construction, with an increase of 1,219 self-employed contributors to Social Security during the month of February.

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