Nunsys will go public in spring 2023

After its powerful digital transformation process, the company plans to put into circulation a 10% of your shares for diversify your funding sources and thus fully consolidate its growth. March is the date chosen for nunsys of this historic step.

In the words of its president, general director and one of the founders, Paco Gavilán, the current geopolitical and socioeconomic context, especially marked by the rise in rates and raw materials derived from the war in Ukraine, do not invite you to rush.

Nunsys defines the development of network infrastructure, robotics, SAP consulting, cybersecurity, software development and even Artificial Intelligence as lines of work, being the most competent in the market. In fact, his forecast is to close 2023 with an annual income of €200 million.

More than 90% of the business is located in Spain and their customers are increasingly demanding, which leads them to transform by leaps and bounds in order to be an efficient competitor.

Share distribution

The Nunsys IPO is an important and necessary challenge. The property company of Paco Gavilán and his wife Amaya Fernández de Uzquiano, Beade, retains the 70% of the shares, passing the rest to be distributed among the four founding shareholders. Despite everything, it is considered a leap of international notoriety for the brand.

Among its more than 20 references, some stand out as Happydoniaan internal communication platform and corporate social network in which they have invested more than five million euros and which has more than 100,000 users in Spain, including companies such as Osborne or Pikolin.

Its software specialized in managing school routes and for transport companies, day centers or residences also deserves a special mention; BatOnRute. It currently has more than 70,000 users. This is how they got internationalize your products taking them to Arcelor or the National Bank of Costa Rica, with thousands of employees around the world.

For Nunsys, its own products represent some 5 million billing, with the rest of his income coming from traditional consulting. It has also bought powerful technology companies in the last ten years such as Ainfor (in 2013), Castle CRM (in 2018) or Euroelettra (in 2019). By 2023 they plan to buy three or four more companies, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by both the Spanish and Latin American markets, such as the Colombian one.

Your last big purchase

Nunsys will close the year with a turnover of €148 million and an EBITDA of €12 million due to the promotion of its industrial digitization and SAP consulting, but especially, from the purchase of the digitization consultancy Sothis. Although the price of said purchase has not been disclosed, it represents a very important step towards leadership in the technology sector.

Sothis, owned by Juan Roig (owner of Mercadona) bills 71 million euros per year and has 800 employeesfigures higher than those of Nunsys.

Nunsys currently has 2,000 employees to manage more than 5,500 customers from different sectors, from public administration (for example with Renfe or to large distribution, the automotive industry or the pharmaceutical sector.

But Mercadona is undoubtedly its great customer, as it provides it with the 20% of the billing. Roig’s company allowed them to join the industry 4.0 sector when they transformed all their logistics centers.

Based in Valencia and 15 delegations in Spain and PortugalNunsys is an ICT solutions company founded in 2007, which has recently appointed José María Ros and Eva Turanzo as new independent directors of the company.

Their services focus on five main areas: Technological Services associated with B2B network infrastructure developments, cloud storage and managed services in its cybersecurity area; Business applications focused on SAP and digital consulting in artificial intelligence and data analytics for ERPs or CRMs; Technological services for Industry such as the automation of the production chain or robotics; Audiovisual Services for the purchase, support and audiovisual installation and digital signage or virtual reality; and Own Development of SaaS and Cloud.

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