The crushing moment when a car with a family in it falls from a drawbridge

On social networks circulate a video of just 18 seconds that shows the impressive moment in which a family traveling aboard their car suffers a spectacular accident at drawbridge Marie Thumas of the city of Louvain, on Belgium.

The scene is simply shocking as the car was running with the aim of crossing to the other side when apparently the structure began to rise without warning to make way for a ship. In the recording you can see how the red vehicle is on one end and begins to rise along with the bridge.

Just when the bridge is already in a vertical position, the vehicle slides backwards and is left with the tires up when falling. The impact against the ground is crushing and it shocks all the witnesses of the accident, who do not stop observing the wrecked car, although in reality it was impossible for them to help, since the fall was imminent.

Authorities investigate the accident on the drawbridge

According to the media, the events occurred in the past October 27th in Leuven, Belgium; and aboard the red car was traveling a family consisting of a man and a woman together with their one-year-old baby.

Fortunately, all three were rescued in time by firefighters and alone had minor injuries who were treated at a nearby hospital.

The local authorities do not know why the drawbridge began to be straightened without warning, especially if the car was in motion trying to cross it. For this reason, Flemish Waterway has already started a investigation to determine the causes of this strange fact.

In addition to video, social networks also circulate shocking photographs of the accident, which were captured from one of the vehicles traveling behind the overturned car and that did manage to stop when they saw that the Marie Thumas bridge began to rise.

With information from NY Post and Daily Mail


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