The CTO Summit is positioned among the technological events of the year

The CTO Summit has once again placed Valencia as a point of reference and cradle of technological talent in the IT sector in our country. During June 24 and 25, almost 500 professionals from the tech field They have listened and taken reference of how CTOs and leading figures of the most cutting-edge companies and startups in the sector are facing the technological future.

Chaume Sánchez, CEO of GeeksHubs, opened the event emphasizing the evolution of the figures of CTOs and CIOs for companies: “When we started in 2019, the need to resort to technology to face the future was not so clear and that these roles they were growth vectors to carry out change and digitization. That was the purpose of the CTO Summit, to claim their figure as technology leaders.”

On the TechStars stage and redirected by the popular alex barrera, Isabelle Mauny showed how APIs connect the world. “APIs allow us to make payments, run our entire house, call the doctor… There is no magic, they are APIs.” The CTO of 42crunch also wanted to launch an important warning regarding security and the need to protect the data with each new API that is created. “An API should have many walls and a single highly secured access point.” Isabelle concluded her presentation by stressing the importance of incorporating DevSecOps profiles into companies to ensure the security of Interfaces, as well as training IT teams in security matters.

Another of the presentations of the CTO Summit came from the hand of Sergio Pajares, who in his presentation mentioning the importance of connecting IT with the company’s management. “Informatics has to be an enabler for the Business”. Mercadona’s CTO gave an in-depth technical presentation on how they are making the leap from the Monolithic part to the CNA part.

Maria Lopez, CEO and founder of the technological company Bitbrain, took the stage with the responsibility of making the technological community reflect on current and future ethical dilemmas in the development of technologies. “We are technologists, we have the knowledge, the freedom, the right and the responsibility to use our minds to help design technologies that put the human being at the center.”

For its part, Louis Ignatius Vincent, CIO of ASTI Mobile Robotics and expert in digitalization of the industry, demonstrated how the management of technological assets also involves the technical part, especially the role of CTO. “The most interesting projects arise from the union of technology, client and business.”

The recovery of the presence of the CTO Summit brought to the Congress an innovative format, in real time and focused on the resolution of doubts and frustrations of the role of CTO when managing IT teams. Led by the CEO of GeeksHubs, Chaume Sánchez, Félix López shared his expertise as IT Manager and conveyed his vision of this leadership role, highlighting the trust as a fundamental pillar to focus and improve the teameither.

TinyBird’s VP of Engineering wanted to make visible the importance of the Manager having support above (People Partner Engineer), since his responsibility largely deals with dealing with conflicts and curbing toxic behaviors. In this sense, he stressed the need to work on deep communication, understanding the feedback without feeling it as an attack. The “beyond” presentation concluded by talking about mental health for these leadership figures and the importance of having therapy and professionals to maintain control and balance in their day-to-day lives.

The Congress also hosted international presentations such as that by Andy Eva Dale, Technical Director of Tangent, in which he explained the benefits of the Jamstack methodology for the development of web applications (performance, scalability, sustainability, better user experience and security) .

The CTO Summit was a complete networking experience for attendees featuring a high level of presentations, the opportunity to interact with leading professionals and companies installed in the venue through their stands together with the celebration of a pleasant closing afterwork. In addition, one of the great achievements of the organization lies in the high female participation in the panel of rockstars, with 35% and who emphasize “we want to continue increasing”.

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