The Diablo IV-inspired Xbox Series X comes to nothing, so what?

Diablo IV It has already left behind its open beta phase for all users and it did so with a note, accumulating more players than in any other similar experience with its previous installments, so it is logical that we can all think that it will be a success when it hits the stores on June 6. And Microsoft, which is clear that Blizzard is already one of its companies, has made a move with its Xbox Series X.

A pack with little interest

In recent days it had been rumored that Microsoft was going to assert its ascendancy over Blizzard putting up for sale an Xbox Series X of Diablo IV. From that moment on we were all very happy because –so we thought– they were going to take the machine from the Americans and decorate it with all kinds of motifs inspired by the deep lore of Sanctuary and its hundreds of heroes and beasts from the underworld.

An Xbox Series X of Diablo IV it was what we fans were missing unredeemed of the franchise… but nothing could be further from the truth. After the announcement made by Microsoft a few hours ago on its official website, it is clear to us why they occupy third place in sales –out of three– after Nintendo and Sony. While some prepare an OLED Switch truly inspired by a game like The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdomothers are to see them coming and practically making a fool of themselves.

The result of that package of Diablo IV is that those who want to buy it they will take an Xbox Series X as is, black, clean and without a trace some of the decorative elements inspired by the Blizzard game for 559 euros. In other words, at Microsoft they are not going to take advantage of the value of having the creators of this saga in their list of studies and they have not dedicated a minute to really create a special edition. We can only boast of this bundle because of the box, in which the game cover appears… not even the controller is personalized.

Microsoft Missed Opportunity

It is curious that with Diablo IV do not decide to throw the house out the window with a truly limited and exclusive edition and yet, we have examples of initiatives that have gone in this direction with third-party companies, such as CD Projekt RED and its cyberpunk 2077 which arrived in December 2020. So, they worked on a variant of Xbox Series X that is a real wonder and that you can see right here below.

as we tell you, it is incomprehensible that Diablo IV don’t have an Xbox Series X even close to the one in cyberpunk 2077 and everything is limited to a simple bundle that includes the game and that’s it. Those of Phil Spencer should know that the hosts xboxers –including myself– we are a bit down with so much bad news, exclusive delays and other bitter news that do not help us keep faith in the Americans.

And this Xbox Series X has already given the finishing touch to some of us who are beginning to think that at Microsoft, anything that is not buying with the checkbook, they are not good at anything. Above all planning and playing with the winks gamers that we all look forward to from time to time.

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