The disturbing story of the cannibal murderer of child rapists who suffered beatings from his father

Robert Maudsley He committed murders so horrible that he was called “Hannibal Lecter” after having murdered several of his fellow inmates who had one thing in common: they had abused and killed children, just as he suffered during his childhood and adolescence from his own father in the UK.

British prison authorities they consider Robert so dangerous who sentenced him to remain in prison but must be in isolation for 23 hours up to date locked in a glass box what is underground.

Since 1974, Robert has been in jail after having killed his first 21-year-old victimreported the local daily Liverpool Echo.

Who is Robert Maudsley, the murderous “cannibal”?

Robert is the fourth of 12 children and spent his first years of life in a Catholic orphanage at Nazareth House before their abusive parents go after him when he was eight years old. Back with his family, he suffered violent abuse by his father encouraged by his mother.

The then boy received beatings, including when he protected his siblings and was he who received the punishments. Robert was once locked in a room for six months and his only contact was his father who visited him to continue beating him several times a day.

At 16, Robert had to engage in sex work where he met his first victim in 1974. His client had shown him photos of children he had abused, that was the reason why Maudsley took his life.

Robert’s sentence for his murders

Upon being arrested, Robert was regarded as unfit to stand trial and was sent to Broadmoor Hospital, home to some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals. His first murder in prison was against child molester David Francis.

Along with a partner, Robert tortured the abuser to death and hung his body for the prison guards to see. After the murder he was transferred to the Wakefield Maximum Security Prison in Yorkshire. There he killed a 46-year-old man locked up for killing his wife.

Immediately after, he entered the cell of another 56-year-old prisoner who sexually abused a seven-year-old girl. To that victim, Robert cut his skull with a makeshift dagger and supposedly ate part of his brain.

In 2000, Robert petitioned the courts to let him die through a letter that said: “As a consequence of my current treatment and confinement, I feel that all I have to wait for is a psychological breakdown, mental illness and a probable suicide”.

However, Robert Maudsley’s request was denied and he will spend the rest of his remaining days of life locked in the bulletproof glass box.

With information from Daily Star.


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