the excellent Simba mattress loses up to -50%, it’s unprecedented

For the last markdown of the sales, Simba mattresses benefit from an even greater reduction. The three models in the range are reduced by up to -50%, which offers them exceptional value for money.

A few days ago, the British brand Simba made a strong commitment: now, all its mattresses are produced in France. This is a point that distinguishes it from almost all other bedding brands (including the French ones) which often produce further afield in Europe, or even in China for some.

By focusing on the Made in France, the brand further strengthens its premium image. Simba is known for having hybrid mattresses, made up of foam and pocket springs, which are much more sophisticated and comfortable than the market average. For fans, Simba mattresses are on sale up to -50% on the official store.

See the sales at Simba

Simba, luxury at all levels

If Emma is a key player in the market (which also has sales), Simba is known to be the most premium of all. Its Hybrid, Hybrid Pro and Hybrid Luxe mattresses provide comfort that cannot be found anywhere else. Of course, the price is also higher – but the sales can reduce the latter quite drastically.

Founded in 2015, the company has relied on an original model with an exclusive sales channel: its website. Therefore, it is impossible to find the brand in physical bedding stores. By making this choice, Simba reduces its costs as much as possible (rent, personnel, etc.) to offer the best value for money to its mattresses. They are about half the price of equivalent products offered in stores.

By choosing this route, the brand does not allow customers to test the product before purchase. However, Simba offers a 200-night trial period to fully validate the mattress at home, home. It is a purchase without risk and without commitment: if it is not suitable, the brand comes to take it back at its expense.

See the sales at Simba

Beyond the trial period, Simba mattresses are unanimously recognized by experts for their comfort. The latest Simba Hybrid Luxe has also been “voted product of the year” in 2022. This is a well-deserved award for an exceptional product. If it remains expensive, the value for money is one of the most convincing on the market. You have to see this purchase as an investment that will be amortized over 10 to 15 years.

Which mattress to choose from the range?

For more than five years, Simba has focused on one and only mattress: the Simba Hybrid. However, the latter has undergone some changes in its composition to further improve its quality. It was in 2021 that the brand finally released two new models – even more upscale: the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Hybrid Luxe. The base model has seen its price drop slightly, giving it better value for money.

As you can see in the image below, the mattresses differ in their thickness (between 25 and 31 cm). The main difference is in the number of layers of pocket springs. These are mini ultra-light titanium springs that absolutely do not feel. The Simba Hybrid is already more comfortable than the majority of mattresses on the market. The other two models offer ultimate luxury. If needed, here is a guide to the three mattresses.

Simba Comparison
The three mattresses in the © Simba range

For sales, Simba mattresses benefit from new prices. The brand offers “complete offers” which combine a mattress, a pillow, a duvet and a mattress protector which are all at -50%. To maximize the benefits of new bedding, experts recommend changing everything at once: you might as well enjoy it now.

If you prefer to take a Simba mattress alone, sales save 45% on all models. For example, the Simba Hybrid in 140×200 cm is priced at 510 euros instead of 929 euros. For such quality, it’s just exceptional. Again, you have 200 trial nights to convince yourself of the product. Simba also gives you the option of paying for it in 10 installments free of charge.

The Simba Hybrid Pro and Hybrid Luxe mattresses are placed on a higher niche. For example, the Hybrid Pro in the 140×200 cm version is priced at 758 euros instead of 1379 euros. It is therefore more than 600 euros in savings on the base price for this last markdown from the 2022 sales.

Finally, the last Simba mattress on sale, the Hybrid Luxe, is at 994 euros instead of 1899 euros for the 140×190 cm format. It’s a luxury product that you hardly ever find. With 31 cm thickness, three layers of springs (including a layer of carbon springs), a layer of bamboo fiber wool or a layer of memory foam with graphite particles, it is the ultimate plus ultra on the market. No other brand of bedding sold on the internet offers such premium bedding.

To see the sales on Simba mattresses, it’s here:

See the sales at Simba

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