The fall of the Usher house will not be part of the Hill House saga

What initially seemed poised to become the third season of the anthology series Hill House, The fall of the Usher house, is, in reality, a project completely unrelated to the saga of Mike Flanagan.

No. The fall of the Usher house will not be the third season of Hill House

To underline this in these hours was the director and screenwriter himself who, interviewed by TheWrap, he has declared:

To be a project of The Haunting of Hill House it should be about ghosts, right? Ed Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t really talking about ghosts. In particular The fall of the Usher house it has nothing to do with ghosts. The main thing then is that there is simply no haunted house.

It’s a separate thing in terms of atmosphere and themes, it’s something we’ve never done before. There was a sense that we would limit her, in a negative way, if we tried to put her in the franchise. The series will be crazy, over the top, crazy, wonderful, macabre, such a different project.

And what about the third season of The Haunting of Hill House? Here are the words of the director:

I would hate to go back and give everyone a third season which they then hate.

Flanagan will be the executive producer of the new series which, this time around, will consist of a total of 8 episodes (4 of which will be directed by the director himself). Executive producer Michael Fimognari will direct the other four episodes, while the series is also produced by Trevor Macy, Emmy Grinwis And Melinda Nishioka.

We leave you with the plot de The fall of the Usher house, in case you’ve never read Edgar Allan Poe’s short story:

Peter receives a letter from Roderick Usher, his childhood friend. In the letter, the man asks him, in a pleading tone, to join him in his family home. The meeting with the old friend is sad, because Roderick Usher is clearly ill. His appearance is pale, emaciated; his nerves are exposed and he lives in a perpetual state of anxiety. His twin sister, Lady Madeleine, is also in desperate condition and will pass away after a few days. Roderick, in the throes of a lucid delirium, decides to preserve the body of his beloved sister from the indiscretion of the doctors and, after convincing his friend to help him, buries it in the basement of the house. Days pass and Roderick perceives something macabre and horrible.

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