The Favorites of Dota Pro Circuit Tour 2

Dota 2 is known to have the most spectacular world championship in all of esports. The International, as it’s called, brings together the best teams on the planet and offers them a prize pool of tens of millions of dollars. But to get there, these teams must score qualification points in the Dota Pro Circuit. There are 3 Tours per season and we’re currently right in the middle. This article will let you know who the favorites are in each region, so you can take advantage of the best Dota 2 betting opportunities.

Western Europe

If you skipped Tour 1 of DPC 2022, you’ll probably be shocked to learn that the mighty teams of the past, such as Nigma and Secret, are now struggling to even stay in the Upper Division. Nigma’s fate seems to be sealed at this point. With 4 consecutive losses in its first 4 matches, KuroKy’s team will almost certainly need to compete in the Lower Division next Tour. And keep in mind, we’re talking about a person who won The International in 2017 and played in 2 other Grand Finals.

The Favorites of Dota Pro Circuit Tour 2

The strongest teams in Western Europe are Gladiators, OG, and Tundra Esports. In OG’s case, it seems that N0tail and Ceb have mastered the art of coaching, because their roster is made up of complete no-names. Tundra was strong last season as well, but Gladiators is a new team and miraculously, its system works to perfection, despite the fact that the roster consists of 5 players from 5 countries.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, the competition has been halted because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is dominated by the same teams that impressed in the past. Fnatic is currently 3 W – 0 L and T1 is 3 W – 1 L. Team SMG and BOOM Esports are also doing well. It will be interesting to see if BOOM can maintain its excellent form from the previous Tour. The team won the Regional Finals against T1 with a very impressive performance and it looks like TIMS and JaCkky are working well together.


The battle in China is fiercer than ever, but it takes place between fewer teams than ever. Usually, there were around 5 serious contestants each season. This year, only 3 of them seem to have what it takes to dominate the region. These 3 teams are PSG.LGD, Royal Never Give Up, and Xtreme Gaming.

The Favorites of Dota Pro Circuit Tour 2

Everybody knows PSG.LGD from its previous seasons. But not that many people understand why RNG and Xtreme are so strong. The first of these teams brought in Somnus`, Chalice, and xNova in November last year, and since then it has turned into a monster. This was partly expected, simple because of the extraordinary qualities of these players. As for Xtreme, this relatively new team has players like Paparazi and old eLeVeN playing for it, so it’s obvious why the results are so spectacular.

All of China’s top 3 teams won their first 3 matches this Tour, so now we’re waiting to see what happens when they start facing each other. The favorite seems to be PSG.LGD.

North America

The Favorites of Dota Pro Circuit Tour 2

The situation in North America is identical to that in China. Three teams heavily dominate the race but this is not the first time it happens. In fact, it’s always been like this in the region. Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and TSM. It seems that TSM has made an excellent decision when it joined Dota 2 and signed Undying’s roster. The crew is performing really well right now and has won its first 4 matches this tour without losing a single round. However, the other 2 giants in the region have had similar results, so the final results will be decided by the direct matches. The winner is likely to be either EG or TSM.

South America

In South America, Thunder Predator has become Thunder Awaken and is playing just as well as it did in Tour 1. Its only real competitor at this point seems to be beastcoast, but Infamous might pose some challenges as well. In Tour 1, the winner of the Regional Finals was beastcoast, followed by Infamous.

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