Female Power Comes To Casino Gaming

There are many great female characters on the big or small screen who are proving that women-led tv shows and movies can attract as many fans as other shows with a stronger male presence.

However, it’s not just on the big or small screen that you’ll find these types of characters as we’ve seen lately with slots gaming. You can enjoy even more games at

New names

Those that play online casino games at Paddy Power Games should be familiar with Gonzo. One of the all-time most-played online slot games is Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt. Gonzo is not only a made-up character; he is based on the 1510–1548 Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro.

While Gonzo has been a huge success story, we now have the newly released Gonzita’s Quest. This new heroine is just as vivacious as her male counterpart and adds a little sass to the South American jungle theme. As Gonzita is fairly new on the scene, we don’t have much information about her background, but she’s not alone.

Rich Wilde is a well-known Play’nGo character who has an excellent selection of slots and is obviously modeled on Indiana Jones. Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena marked the appearance of Cat Wilde, daughter of Rich.

Her solo adventures have been well-received and both Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead and Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God remain popular choices for slot fans today. It appears that she will succeed her father in the adventure theme slot industry and she is building a strong series of tales.

In control

While these two noteworthy examples are female characters that have been created based on prosperous male characters, there are plenty of other strong stand-alone female characters. The Age of the Gods series features plenty of female deities and if you scroll through the many slots available these days, you’ll stumble upon other great examples. Yet, it’s not just slots where women are taking control.

The many live casino games and game show experiences available today have female dealers or hosts front and center directing the action and guiding players. Whether it’s Live Spin & Win Roulette, The Money Drop Live, or Unlimited Blackjack Live, players are presented with professional, capable, and engaging women who make the gaming experience superior and something you’ll want to participate in again and again.

Behind the scenes, we’re also seeing influential female executives in the world of iGaming, which is any sort of online real-money betting that wagers on the future result of a game or event. It’s an industry that men have traditionally dominated, but companies recognize the importance of having representation and new voices in the boardroom to stay competitive. These CEOs should strengthen the industry and encourage or mentor other women to become involved further up the ladder.

You can find many Netflix options with strong female characters these days and it’s positive to see iGaming also moving with the times to provide greater options for all players.  If you want to play real money games with some female power, you have a ton of options and more should be on the way soon.

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