The first broadcasts of Formula 1 in 4K HDR begin. Will they arrive at Movistar + this year?

This Sunday starts the new F1 season, where Fernando Alonso can give the big bell with a car that points ways. In addition, it will be the first year in which you will be able to watch Formula 1 in 4K HDR.

If you follow Formula 1, you will know that the best option to enjoy this championship is through Movistar Plus+, since it is the only service that broadcasts the races in 4K in our country. It is true that it shares the rights with DAZN, but the sports streaming platform does it in 1080p.

And the truth is that the deployment of media offered by Movistar is high, with six simultaneous HD cameras, in addition to the main signal so you can watch Formula 1 in 4K. Of course, only for customers with fiber. We know that last year the first tests began to offer F1 in UHD and with HDR through Movistar. But it seems that they have been ahead of them.

Sky will be the first operator to allow viewing of Formula 1 in 4K HDR

Formula 1 4K HDR on Sky
Image copyright John Archer (Forbes)

As reported John Archer, journalist specializing in new technologies at Forbes, UK viewers will be able to watch Formula 1 in 4K HDR on Sky. The platform announces the races with “Ultra HDR” but it seems to be simply a marketing maneuver, but the broadcast will be with high dynamic range video.

the new season is raising a lot of expectations mainly due to the efforts of the teams to put on a good show this year. You just have to see Fernando Alonso’s car as an example of this. And if you live in England you can enjoy F1 in 4K HDR.

It is true that Sky has been offering Formula 1 in 4K for years since it has the emission rights. But now it has gone a step further by adding HDR to its UHD coverage during this 2022 season. It has not been an official announcement, but the image that heads these lines makes it clear that the English platform will allow you to enjoy Formula 1 like never before.

If you live in the United Kingdom and have contracted Sky services, you only have to open the application and, in the Sports tab located on the right of the menu, access the Formula 1 tab where you will see that the description «F1 in Ultra HDR”.

When can Formula 1 be seen in 4K HDR through Movistar Plus+?

Formula 1
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Regarding the possibility of watch Formula 1 in 4K HDR from SpainIt should be remembered that Movistar Plus+ has been testing a new signal since March of last year to offer F1 in the highest quality. It is true that we have not had any more news about it since then, but we can hope that in the next few days they will announce the possibility of seeing the maximum competition for motor lovers in the best quality.

If you use a Movistar decoder, know that you can activate or deactivate HDR to slightly improve the image quality, although the broadcast is not offered natively with this option. This function isIt is available to all customers with the Movistar UHD decoderso if you have a model with these characteristics, you can try to activate it manually by following these steps:

From the Movistar+ main screen, access the MENU – SETTINGS (cogwheel icon) – CONF. HDR ( only appears if the TV is HDR ) – Select ON/OFF. It is not a definitive solution, but you can try it this weekend to try to see Formula 1 in 4K HDR.

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