The five Atari Lynx games that you can buy with pocket change

Any self-respecting retro fan must buy consoles and games from time to time. Look for bargains, big names at affordable prices – is it possible? – and, little by little, complete that collection that we so long to recover of an old machine from the 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s. And the Atari Lynx is one of those 30-year-old laptops that aroused passions three decades ago.

Talking about Atari is talking about the history of video games, one of the companies that helped create the current industry and that has an uncountable number of games and machines in its possession. And one of them was Lynx, a laptop that tried to beat the Game Boy and failed in the attemptdespite the fact that it had better hardware, a color screen and, yes, a disproportionate use of batteries: six AA in just a couple of hours.

The cheapest Atari Lynx games

And that is why today we bring you five games that you can buy almost with your pocket change that you carry in your pockets. Five titles that, for whatever reason, are not as valued as they should be and that are far from the claptrap that are paid for other cartridges from the same machine and the same era. Let’s start with the list.

5. Super Skweek

We start this list with a game that is strange, to say the least. It is a cartridge that offers a series of simple puzzles that we must solve to go to the next level. If you don’t want to buy it, we don’t blame you, since it’s too rare for our taste, but if you want it for your Atari Lynx collection you will only need $16.01.

4. Crystal Mines II

Throughout this top you will realize that puzzle games were the specialty of the Lynx. In this case, We changed the strange puppets from the previous post for some robots very typical of the 80s and 90s. The thing about these cartridges is that played one, played all. It will be very cheap, only $15.95 to be exact.

3. Basketbrawl

Have you ever wanted to play basketball in the most violent way possible? Well don’t wait any longer because the cracks from Atari bring you your favorite game. In Basketbrawl we can play basketball games at the same time that we injure our enemies with blows, a quite curious concept to be honest. It costs $15.33.

2. Malibu Bikini Volleyball

This sports game is among the least valued on the console and in it we will play beach volleyball matches as if we were in the middle of August on the beaches of California. The name of the game didn’t exactly help either, since it lent itself to mistakes. If you are missing it in your collection, Take advantage, since it is only $14.70.

1. Steel Talons

And as king of the game that least people want from Atari Lynx we have this Steel Talons, which was one of the many aircraft developments in which we would have to face waves and waves of enemies. The worst thing about this title is that It has absolutely nothing original, so it arouses little interest. Although if you do, you can get it for $12.92.

And you? Do you have any of these games in your collection?

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