the full map revealed, the game will be significantly larger than the beta

The full Diablo 4 map just leaked on Reddit. The opportunity to see that the beta offered only a tiny part of the playing field developed by Blizzard.

Credits: Blizzard

Like many players, you may have spent your weekend wandering the wastelands of Sanctuary through the Diablo 4 Open Beta. From March 24-26, it was therefore possible to discover the entire first zoneto know the Broken Peaks.

A region of substantial size, since it still has 7 Teleport Relays. Luckily they are there. Without these portals, journeys would take forever on foot. Especially since there were things to do between dungeons, caves, bastions, main and secondary quests, not to mention the world boss Ashava.

Moreover, to facilitate the progress of the players, an interactive map has emerged on the net. It lists all the points of interest of the beta, including all the services and merchants, without forgetting the location of all the objects, aspects and altars of Lilith.

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diablo 4 card

The Diablo 4 map looks gigantic

A nice taste offered by Blizzard therefore. Fortunately, thanks to teleportation portals, players could easily do without a mount. On the other hand, owning a horse will clearly be essential on the final version of the titlewhich is still scheduled for release on June 6, 2023.

Why that ? User hotfistdotcom just shared on a dedicated Diablo 4 subreddit what appears to be the final and complete map for Blizzard’s title. Circled in red, we can see the Broken Peaks area, the one accessible during the beta.

diablo 4 card
Credits: Reddit

Everything else will therefore be to be discovered from June 6, and as much to say that there will be plenty to do as you can see. Especially since it could only be the submerged part of the iceberg.

As you may know, Diablo IV was designed as a service game, intended to operate for at least ten years. To maintain the interest of the players intact, Blizzard intends to regularly water the title in novelties, with seasonal passes, extensions, new characters, etc.

However, looking at the map, we see that a beautiful part to the south is still shaded. What suggest the introduction of an additional area in the months following the launch? It is very likely.

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