The Galaxy S24 Ultra could be lighter thanks to this ingenious idea

Samsung would have found a way to reduce the weight of the Galaxy S24 Ultra without reducing its resistance, by adopting a completely new material. According to a famous leaker, the series could well abandon its aluminum frame.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

On X, the new Twitter, the famous leaker Ice Universe posted an image of the periodic table of elements with the number “22”. If you remember your physics class, this number is that of titanium. This could be a clue that this is the material that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, will use.

Currently, the Galaxy S23 Ultra features an Armor aluminum chassis, known for its durability and helping to make the phone one of the toughest of its generation. However, Samsung could finally abandon this material for titanium, thus aligning with Apple’s plans. As a reminder, the American giant also plans to use titanium on its high-end iPhone 15 Pro.

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The Galaxy S24 Ultra could become lighter than its predecessor

In addition to being much stronger than the aluminum currently used on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, titanium brings other interesting improvements. Indeed, if the density of aluminum is much lower than that of titanium, making the latter heavier, only a fraction of titanium is needed to achieve the physical strength of aluminum.

Therefore, by opting for a thin thickness of titanium on its Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung could make its smartphone lighter than the previous generation, who thought 234 grams. The difference obviously won’t be significant, but after all, any weight reduction on the scale is good for users. Titanium is also corrosion resistant, and could well give a more premium look to the smartphone.

However, it should be remembered that titanium is more expensive than aluminum, and if Samsung adopts it for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the price of the phone could be even higher than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung had already greatly increased the prices with its S23 series, so we hope that the next one will not suffer any such significant increase. It now remains to be seen whether Samsung will opt for this new material on its Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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